Kenworth T660 JK Edition for 1.15.x version


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All new sound: TURBO whistle, Train horn
All new 18-speed transmission with crawler gears
All new 8X4 chassis
All new Driver Camera View (fov )
All new strong 640hp Cattepillar engine
Updated for 1.15.x versions.

Joseph GodwinKE, MasterChief2808, Panther, Vladimir Pavlov, ExclusiveUA


14 thoughts on “Kenworth T660 JK Edition for 1.15.x version

  1. Hi this truck is nice but the interior needs updating its what lets a nice truck down

    1. Yep, interior is only thing stopping me from using this truck. Still has the incorrect interior model from a KW T2000/T700.

      1. jacob dowling

        i feel the exact same way it is completely un realistic and the fov is horrible no one sits that far away from the steering wheel

  2. another fake!

    it is made to ETS2 v1.8

    it’s the same old mod made in 01/2014. shame

    1. Cummins444

      I don’t believe you at all because every american truck update you call it fake so knock your bullshit off.

      1. I’m sure you can see the date and time of .scs file and open up, the time to internal files too.

        I already download exactly the same mod in 02/2014. What I can do? I just repor to do not happen to you too. do you like to download a mod with title: … to v1.8 and months later, see the title … to v1.15 and found out is the same?

        do u see the game.log.txt?

        if u like do it again, and again…XD

        if you download this one and the .scs is truly made close v1.15 so somebody is sabotaging me.

  3. I love the outside of this truck…very nice! the only thing that’s a big let down is the interior and the sound. I would keep this truck on the road if it weren’t for that. I will keep in my back collection and hope for those to be fixed. Thanks and wish you the best mate!!! 🙂

  4. For the last time KENWORTH aint an American company it is a Australian company get your facts right

    1. It is an American Company that is based out of Kirkland, Washington United States. Australian models are assembled at Kenworth’s Bayswater facility in Victoria, Australia. So if you are going to ##### at people for not having there facts right you might want to check yours first.

  5. will update the interior. as for the body it remains the same.. Kenworth t660 JK edition is here to stay. wtch out there is a mean one to come with crazy interior

  6. Daniel Weier

    What truck dealer do i find this truck in or if i download it should it just come up a enabled mods but cant find it could you help me please

  7. Could someone update the interior? Then it will be a Perfect truck.

  8. braydanhaight


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