Kenworth T680 from ATS for ETS2

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*** Kenworth T680 from ATS for ETS2 ***

– Find by Scania Dealer
– Standalone Model
– ATS Wheels included
– ATS Paint included
– 3 Cabin
– ATS Kenworth Sound
– Tested on 1.22

Authors: SCS, converted Skinmaster

DOWNLOAD 49 MB [Sharemods]
DOWNLOAD 49 MB [Uploadfiles]

30 thoughts on “Kenworth T680 from ATS for ETS2

  1. Thanks for the conversion Skinmaster.

  2. Thankyou skinmaster been asking for this kenworth


    thanks awasome !

  4. When you push ‘i’ to switch dashboardpanel, the game crashes

  5. there is a bug in the dashboard when i press I in ets2 and it crashes my game

  6. Curious, i don’t have that “bug”. it’s working fine for me.

  7. Hi….Great work.
    There is a small problem…..Cruise Control doesn’t indicate the actual speed when is activated.
    Respect for your work.
    Have a good day.

  8. macadamstreet

    is this autorised ?

    anyway, did its compatible with SilS interior stuff or vanilla dlc accessories ?
    no problem if not, but just asking before do something bad on garage :p

  9. Indramawan

    Thanks for Converted Skinmaster,
    Now I can drive kenworth T680 in ETS.

  10. naemnik67

    У которого не работает бортовуха, а при попытке переключить экран бортовухи- вылет из игры. НЕДОДЕЛОК!

  11. Indramawan

    Converted Skinmaster
    To much crash detected in game console . Dashboard monitor can’t activated, just black. Please ceck and fix the problem.
    Thank You

  12. has the same problems like you Indramawan.Dashboard monitor can’t activated, just black and the game crash when I tray to activad it.

  13. I have the same problems like you Indramawan. Dashboard monitor can’t activated, just black. The game crash when I tray to activated it.

  14. TommyvercettyGT

    I download it!!!

  15. Mike Rules

    The digital display in the dashboard is not working !
    Other then that works great….

  16. TommyvercettyGT

    Really nice work!!!! I triyed that truck in ATS,and then in Euro Truck,and the incredible thing is that in ETS2,the truck hasn’t got any difference then in ATS!!! it’s all perfectly copied!!! really nice work,i will buy that truck and drive it for the rest of my days in ETS,so,if you can,please,add all the other trucks that are in ATS…..yeah,i know,you think i’m mad,but i love them. I don’t know how much work it needs to copy a truck in a different game,but at the end its’ really unbeliveable,awesome done again,and bye :))

  17. Here’s my edit of peterbilt 579 if you want..

    edited : sound and suspension..
    Ps : left hood mirror don’t work, so i remove it.

  18. There is link to version with full working dashboard display UI:

    Truck dealer is changed to DAF and display is original SCS Kenworth display.

    1. Ernie2492

      At least it has a proper MID..

  19. SkinForMe

    Do you have template for this truck ? thanks!

  20. Indramawan

    Thank you very much for murat , niss7g5, and Tomek for the trucks.

  21. Illegal Alien

    Hi both versions of the mods work like charm one bought in scania an the other one in daf keep going man

  22. The truck with 500 hp is lame vs. a 480 hp Volvo. The Kenworth is swimming in curves. “Butter by the fishes!” 😀

    The biggest cabine version is not optimal for european Trailers.

  23. Update!!! Fixed errors with tyres and rims (materials and textures are added). New link (old is deleted):

  24. Hi Tomek!Do you know how repair dashboard (acting icons of engine brake and retarder).Now icon eng.brake still shines.The Peter 579 from ATS dashboard working good.

    1. I don’t know how make this. I need any documents how it’s working.

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