Kenworth T800 [2009] Only 1.27 [UPD: 19.06.17]

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And so Kenworth T800 returned from the roads of Europe, home)
Kenworth T800
Spelled out in the Agency and gallery. Bought in the cabin Kenworth
DAF dealer
New textures [converted]
New textutes in interior [converted]
Support Steering Creations DLC Pack + DLC Heavy Cargo Pack
Adaptation for ETS 2 version – 1.27.xx
New real camera + update
The rear camera must be turned right fudovskoe the mirror at F2, with one click.
Works advanced hitch
New engines, transmissions and sounds engines
Test version: –
Credits: dmitry68, Stels, oq37, kriechbaum;
I tested & adapted: ETS2_ModeR.

dmitry68, Stels, oq37, kriechbaum; I tested & adapted: ETS2_ModeR.


8 thoughts on “Kenworth T800 [2009] Only 1.27 [UPD: 19.06.17]


    He is a thief, a swindler and all mods are not converted !!!!!

    1. you to game crash it??

  2. don’t know why you blame the uploader, this seems to be indeed Dimitry’s truck that was simply converted to ETS2 and authors were credited. there are reasonable errors (2/10) but files are definitely converted to the latest game version.
    only problem is that game crash if used in combination with an American truck pack which includes the default T800.

  3. That’s fake.

  4. non funziona va in blocco il gioco ets2

  5. luis jesus

    funciona muy bien la verdad estaria chido tuviera mas skins y esta perfecto el bus

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