Kenworth t800 Cartruck ets2 1.39

Kenworth t800 Cartruck
Update for ets2 1.39
Sound bugs fixed and more engine sounds added



2 thoughts on “Kenworth t800 Cartruck ets2 1.39

  1. What’s that again? 😒
    Until now, I thought to be here in ETS2, not in ATS.
    So why buying ATS, if some “Modders” are transform for ETS2? 😒

    American Trucks are very limited in Europe, most as Show-Trucks or for
    some big Companies to make Pub. Like Coca-Cola for Example.

    Sorry, but it’s my Opinion. 😉

  2. favonoteucu

    dude, you don’t need to use this, so kill yourself and make me happy

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