Kenworth T908 CAT TugaTunning


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TugaTunning SKIN Kenworth T908… Enjoy

Respect the download link, please.



7 Responses to Kenworth T908 CAT TugaTunning

  1. David A King says:

    I have a question that keeps getting deleted and have no idea why. I see a lot of skins like this for the KW T908 but have yet to find the truck. Where is the truck?

    • GTHusky says:

      Buy it from the RTA team.

      • David A King says:

        All I found for anything RTA has to do with NASCAR here in the USA

        • GTHusky says:

          This is their Facebook page. You join, then send a PM to Oleg saying that you want to buy one of the trucks. That’s the only way of buying them now since there’s been a lot of leaks. I’ve got the T908, the Renault Range T and the Mack Superliner. They were worth every penny.

  2. martinh3672 says:

    ull find it at

  3. SWAY Z says:

    Where do you find the truck..??

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