Scania L6 Engine Sound V2.5


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This mod gives you an authentic Scania L6 Engine sound to your ETS2
This mod works with the following trucks:
-Scania R (SCS)
-Scania R & Streamlinemodifications vy RJL
-Scania T mod by RJL
-Scania 4 by punisher

2.5 fixes list:
-Now works with all mentioned trucks as it should
-Lift axle no more causes crash

This mod includes all new engine, brakes, horns, reverse sounds and a bit more!


MrTheFlashback, Paulnice, SCS


13 Responses to Scania L6 Engine Sound V2.5

  1. Romario says:

    Thanks MrTheFlashback! Good Sound!!!

  2. filip says:

    Still crash with stock scania -.-
    clean profile, 1.22

  3. Blaziken777Sverige says:

    I’m just wondering: Is this legit to use as a engine sound mod for Renault? I’ve watched some YouTube videos with engine sounds of Renault (Mostly the a bit older version of Magnum), and if i compare the sound from your video vs the Renault vid i found, the engine sounds happens to sound a bit similar.
    BTW Very nice mod! 🙂

  4. Remi says:

    link fixed this NO work again bug again …. its what ?

  5. Daniel Nunes says:

    What truck mod is that,are you using is a new version of the scania of rjl?

  6. SWAT says:

    The mod doesn’t work with the latest Scania R & Streamlinemodifications by RJL ( that is v When I press drive, after the loading screen it crashes the game. I tried it on the same profile with a stock Scania and it worked perfectly. Please fix it!

  7. Mathias Hansen says:

    Hi mate.
    I have ets2 version 1.23
    But Is the sound “ONLY” for ets2 1.22

    when I star new profile, the game, with only your sound it crashes.

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