Scania L6 Engine Sound V2.5


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This mod gives you an authentic Scania L6 Engine sound to your ETS2
This mod works with the following trucks:
-Scania R (SCS)
-Scania R & Streamlinemodifications vy RJL
-Scania T mod by RJL
-Scania 4 by punisher

2.5 fixes list:
-Now works with all mentioned trucks as it should
-Lift axle no more causes crash

This mod includes all new engine, brakes, horns, reverse sounds and a bit more!


MrTheFlashback, Paulnice, SCS


13 Responses to Scania L6 Engine Sound V2.5

  1. Romario says:

    Thanks MrTheFlashback! Good Sound!!!

  2. filip says:

    Still crash with stock scania -.-
    clean profile, 1.22

    • Just saying that does not really help.

      When does it crash? when starting the game? pressing the drive button? While driving and maybe using something like motorbrakes?

    • Now after looking at the default scs scania files, I found the error causing crashes. I’m trying my best here now hopefully this is the version that will work. I am sorry everyone that I had so many errors in the beginning that I did not notice.

      • filip says:

        Yes i forgot to mention. It crash after i click Drive… Thanks ill try that later

      • Jonny says:

        i dont mean to sound like an ingreat for any mods i find here cuz i like some of the things i find for my trucks, so please dont take this personal, but your right about your mod not crashing when you put the wheels down, for me it wont even go past the first load screen before it crashes……. other than that and from what i got to experiance from your crashed version……. great work and i do hope your able to fix this problem soon cuz i love those sounds 🙂

  3. Blaziken777Sverige says:

    I’m just wondering: Is this legit to use as a engine sound mod for Renault? I’ve watched some YouTube videos with engine sounds of Renault (Mostly the a bit older version of Magnum), and if i compare the sound from your video vs the Renault vid i found, the engine sounds happens to sound a bit similar.
    BTW Very nice mod! 🙂

  4. Remi says:

    link fixed this NO work again bug again …. its what ?

  5. Daniel Nunes says:

    What truck mod is that,are you using is a new version of the scania of rjl?

  6. SWAT says:

    The mod doesn’t work with the latest Scania R & Streamlinemodifications by RJL ( that is v When I press drive, after the loading screen it crashes the game. I tried it on the same profile with a stock Scania and it worked perfectly. Please fix it!

  7. Mathias Hansen says:

    Hi mate.
    I have ets2 version 1.23
    But Is the sound “ONLY” for ets2 1.22

    when I star new profile, the game, with only your sound it crashes.

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