Kenworth T908 v 6.1 [1.32.x]

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Updated for 1.32
Added cable support

– Fully standalone model
– It is registered starting
– Purchase in the “MAN” Motor Show
– 4 cab options (4 for right-hand drive)
– 4 chassis (4 for right rudders)
– A lot of tuning (external)
– Own interior 3 types (+ right wheel)
– your wheels
– Own sound + new N14 v2.0 and N14c
– Painted in metallic
– Walking camera.
– Supports DLC Cabin Accessories

Virat: – 3D model, Stas556: – envelope, animation, registration, Kriechbaum: – sounds, registration of engines and transmissions, Fire-Blade: – 3ds Max modeling, Robert Bogdanov: -Texting, scanning, Gerald Hardie: – Technical support , Smith: – Assistance in updating and updating the model, Mick Brown: – Accessories, Mishanka: – Other registration, Knox: – Dashboard, TV and GPS.


13 thoughts on “Kenworth T908 v 6.1 [1.32.x]

  1. He is a classy tractor, a beautiful model, but he does not really fit Europe, it’s a typical Australian machine, but they are also New Zealand …
    Really nice job!

  2. david lewis


    1. Waltencyr

      please do this for ATS

  3. Stolen mod!

  4. Hey BigJhon,
    Please don’t say stolen mod only. Give us more details!

    1. Hi Mistraou! I already explained it on other mods, but the administrators of this site suppress my answers! So, now, I waste less of my time simply writing that the mod has been stolen!
      But I left a last explanation here:
      Moreover, you will notice that I am not the only one to indicate this on several shares of this thief! 😉

  5. FPS?
    RTA’s mods are usually terribly optimised.

    – BS1

  6. kenworth007x



  7. Video Test Truck + Special Transport

  8. david lewis


    1. m vd veen


  9. Bodyguardxp

    ETS 2 – KENWORTH T908 – TUNİNG Mod [1.32]

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