ZIL 130-131-133 [FIXED] 1.32.xx

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* Removed some files of the old version *
* Some were rewritten because of errors *
* Fixed bugs tuning *
* Fixed bugs in “DLC Cabin Accessories” & “Flags Cabin Accessories” *
* Fixed bugs cabins and chassis *
* Fixed bugs the wheels + added new *
* Fixed bugs with sounds and interior *
* Fixed bugs lighting and lightmask *
* Fixed in companies and galleries Trucks *
* In the log clean for 99.9 % percent *

RTA, Kraska, Vladimir1203, Prime044, Kamazist_1980


7 thoughts on “ZIL 130-131-133 [FIXED] 1.32.xx

  1. Stolen mod!

    1. Horror_LP

      Hey BigJhon,

      are you posting this under every truck mod you see? Where is the proof for it being stolen?

      A concerned User

      1. Hi! Theft proof is simply the account used by the thief in question on the hosting site! As a tester, creator, modder, mapper, skinner, for more than 30 years, I can still recognize the official source of a file! I also have all the mods validated since 2002, all the licenses of SCS Software, on my hard disks (more than 500 GB of archived data, and mapped for the maps)! So, yes, I know more than you on this subject, since I’m in contact with many creators!

  2. hahahaaaa du wizbold ich hab mindestenz in der log 12 gravierede fehler die das game zum absturz bringen

    1. Trucker_Schmitt

      Lies mal meinen letzten comment:
      Offensichtlich hat sich mit dem ‘Fixen’ hier nix geändert …

  3. GamerLionfish

    Where are the original trailers that this mod comes with?

  4. Was hast du Ferkel mit meinem geliebtem Zil gemacht ???
    Der klingt wie ein Eimer Scheiß Nägel im Motor
    Du bist ein Ferkel
    Mach was Sinnvolles und repariere den Motor
    Und die Anhänger
    So hast du die Mod Ruiniert iiiih Schäm dich

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