Kenworth W900 v 2.0

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The updated version, the texture is completely perezapechena truck, as well as many of the details have been reworked. Added support for DLC Sabins Cabin Accessories, support for skins, the archive contains a template to create them, as there is one skin, support metallic colors. Log clean.

– Prescribe a certain slot in the cabin Iveco
– A large number of tuning
– Its interior
– Their sound
– Truck painted
– Truck bake
– Its light mask
– There is one skin
– Supports color metallic
– There is a template for creating skins
– Supports DLC Cabin Accessories

* Fixed crashed
* Reduced size

Tested version 1.22

Author: slava1


55 thoughts on “Kenworth W900 v 2.0

  1. Looks so nice!

  2. Karina-Moskva

    COOL ! Hard truck.

    1. хай гёрл как дела красотка

      1. Karina-Moskva

        Hello Morina. Das ist very gut.

  3. Accessing the site administration , or leave the original link , or remove events from the resource ! Because it was originally given , but it seems those who posted this mod on this resource or read its description. Let’s not take away the bread from the author . Original link

    1. can you fix the the problem of this truck please.

  4. not working on 1.21 🙁

    1. TeddyBear

      Yeah isnt working for me neither. 🙁

  5. can you re-do the International 9800 its needs real sounds bumpers fenders visors interior pipes a lot look up the unternet youll find them there and please make this truck works on from 1.19 to 1.22 we loved your mod

  6. very nice truck love this one

  7. Don’t work in 1.22X… When you activate this truck in mod manager and tray acess dealer, apear $BRAND$, something like that =/

  8. titan_estrada

    no works in my game…

  9. Does not work game crash

  10. Mr.GermanTruck

    Game Crash on v1.22

  11. I say, don’t work in 122… For me not crash but apear This:

    And not apear truck in Dealer, just apear my actual truck…

  12. LOVE IT !
    Please make this interior

    and if you can please make Carlile skin for this truck

    1. yes,it must have new interior and wheel,because these 900-s are releasing so far,as i know

  13. The mod causes game crash (
    By selecting the dealer, the usual message shows “$BRAND$”, instead of “Iveco” and then, when confirming to visit the dealer, the game crashes.
    By visiting the dealer directly via internet, the game crashes again.
    It seems their is an issue with the truck dealer definitions (I suppose).
    I tried to edit the def, but the mod is password protected (which I respect).
    Could you please fix this awesome mod?
    Thank you!

    1. Blaziken777Sverige

      I have version 1.22, and still the same happens to me!

  14. Hope to see these errors fixed, and that you in the next version can add this interior to the option:

  15. Trailerpack and can’t wait to try the truck out mate looks very nice!!!??

    1. Correct link for what man? This truck not working…

  16. I love this truck so much. Thank you for adapted its new version 🙂

  17. can you please borrow the bull horn stack pipes from the peterbilt 389 v1.9 costum truck make the hood a bit longer is too short nd can you make the frame chassis a bit longer too look at this truck

  18. Anyone who downloaded the file size of 253mb and who , after that, the game does not start with the mod , siphon archive titles, because initially I made ​​the mistake of events with the archive , the archive size 98mb must run correctly

  19. K-whopper

    thanks for update. truck works n looks great. hope u will continue to update it.

    anyone know how to fix camera? i drive 45% in cab n 55% out side truck. this does the same as w900a day cab . camera draws u to back of cab. i like to look from behind trailer.

  20. ScaniaFan89

    Tried disabling various trucks & even just with it & trailer mods enabled, every time i clicked on iveco dealer ( on map ) it instantly crashed to desktop…..This is on the latest version 1.21 ( not any beta’s or other experimental versions )

  21. Seems to be working just fine for me, using version 1.21 though.

    1. i’m using the same version but i can’t find it. I went to my iveco dealer but the truck wasn’t there. I haven’t unlock online shop yet but is online the only way to find it?

  22. DungeonDriving

    If you enable the T800 WITH the W900 on 1.2.2-1.2.1 it will work. This is because the W900 shares files with the T800, which if you look into the SCS is almost blatant.

  23. Scaniadriver of rh trucking

    awesome mod
    awesome video
    simply thank you mate

  24. Is awesome mod yes but still have some issues. I take the truck, customize it then is i hit the escape key (like for take a job, fix driving position ….) game will crush…….

    Thanks for the mod anyway, hope you will fix all bugs it may have.

  25. Aventador

    i think this truck have to thin front wings they must look bigger or make this truck a little bit lower.

  26. Great work, thank you for sharing

  27. Wheels Link please ???

    1. Want the wheels too!!

  28. Charlibidou

    Doesn’t have it’s interior, it’s the interior of the T800, Doesn’t have it’s sound, it’s the sound of other mod, most of the tuning is from the Peterbilt 389, but it doesn’t crash for me and the truck is great

  29. can u please fix the mirrors u cant see the trailer when driving all you see is the stacks

  30. Afte activate this truck

  31. Space Cam

    nice truck and it works real fine

  32. Look at the front wheel arch, the distance between the wheel arch and a very large, please pay attention and fix it! Will super fashion!

  33. Very please share the rims in screens, and also can you make this steering wheel?

  34. fishboy123456789

    The chassis in the front is too hight make it avalible to lower please and make the wheel frame avalible to be longer and painted and more customizations its a nice truck just needs more work u gettin there keep up the good work thanks

  35. Works fine with 1.22 but like every mod the American trucks have no jake brake sound anymore with 1.22. Not sure if this is something a sound mod can fix?

  36. Jmwnelson

    This is a great mod. Its my favorite truck to drive. Could you possibly work on a customization option for the stacks? Its extremely hard to see around them in the mirrors. Also, if you ever get around to it, an updated, modern cab. Keep up the great work. Let them truckers Roll.

  37. Kiwi_Wolf

    Not working at all for me in 1.22. Greyed out in mod manager, not showing in any dealers.

  38. Anyone else have an issue with camera sucking into the truck with a trailer attached? Also can’t see past the stacks in the mirrors. Good mod otherwise, thanks

  39. The truck is really cool, although I have a few glitches here and there. For instance, the side mirrors don’t seem to be showing the proper image (I don’t see much in them, the truck pipes are in the way) and I can’t add lights in the customization garage.

  40. when is the next update for the truck??? hope you added some new custom finders and new pipes and visors to it . oh and lower it as well as stretch the frame. i wish someone could make a video of how to make mods…


    hey, i try to make my own skin but its say it need a some sored key to add this truck on ETS2Studio, is that key follow with the truck or sure i ask you the key to the truck?

  42. Подскажите пожалуйста как удалить визор?

  43. won ton soup noodle

    can you freaking make sure that the mod you have created does not replace any existing truck ?? its strange when you put w900 in daf folder it replaces the w900a and when you put it in iveco folder it replaces the w900l ………i am really tired of this

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