Kenworth W900aRC


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Kenworth W900aRC (1.22.xx) completely independent. Truck can
be purchased at the salon DAF, tuning, painting, etc.

dmitry68 – Stas55


16 Responses to Kenworth W900aRC

  1. FRANK_WOT says:

    What is different from the original mod?

    I love this truck. Still using the old version.

    • Mr.GermanTruck says:

      Reupload ! ist not the Original Download Link from dmitry68 – Stas55

      alecubit is the reuploader ! The Author from the Video and this Post (alecubit)

  2. Theosz says:

    2013! very very old features

  3. salem says:

    Why does not it work?

  4. GTHusky says:

    I thought it was an update. Tried it but it didn’t work. I have the older version (1.17 I think) and it works better than this. I just had to fix the sound files for the engine brake to work.

  5. jonah says:

    These mod is fully fuctional thanks

  6. K-whopper says:

    will this truck ever be updated??? it could be a good project but not a popular truck . w900a , k100 n w900b long nothing changed in 2 yrs….. well with ATS here i dont think so….

    • Midas says:

      waitting for someone to update this truck, grettings from Cuba

  7. Midas says:

    Es que a nadie le fascina este camión???. Por favor tiene muchas mejoras por hacer, que alguien tome este proyecto

  8. Stels says:

    Это всего лишь перезалив, с целью отмывания поинтов.
    Даже версия старая.
    Вот эта по-новее:
    На свои языки переводите сами.

  9. GTHusky says:

    This is one of the unpopular trucks, but I love these old American rigs. I hope someone decides to take the project and add maybe an 8v or 12v DD series engine. Not sure this truck had the option for a 6v series. Anyway, I still use the old version. Works awesome and it still looks kinda good.

  10. French Canadian Bastard says:

    Old crap again

  11. FragmaniaGame says:

    1080p HD Test Video:


  12. Faelandaea says:

    Works fine for me. But most of you are right – it is not a popular truck. The ONLY people (myself included) who even know this truck exists are people who watch Ice Road Truckers series 🙂

  13. truckmodshop says:

    It’s really sad how much the ets2 community butchered the truck I made. Oh well… 🙁

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