Kenworth W900aRC


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Fully independent model. His salon, animation. There are additional modifications.

18 Wheels of Steel: Haulin authors:

Chris aka Bayonet,
Corby (headache rack)

Testing on version 1.18 (hot fix)

dmitry68, Stas556, Chris aka Bayonet, evh5150vanhalen, rockhobbit99. Corby Colonel


11 thoughts on “Kenworth W900aRC

  1. How is this mod different than this one:

    This mod doesn’t even have the engine choices than the older one. Sound doesn’t even match a Cummins ISX. For what I can hear, it’s a poorly remade sound from Kriechbaum’s V10 mod for the Mercedes Benz 1632, which has been overused by other modders as of late.

    1. Stas_Namitch

      GTHusky –wrotte:::
      What do you speak?
      This модсделан for version 1.18
      It is the original version from authors as it is!

      for v1.18

      dmitry68, Stas556,

      Thanks for mod!

      1. I’m just saying that it’s a bit pointless since the older version has more engine/sound options and it works just as well with 1.18.

    2. Solution: Add the engines from kriechbaum’s edition to this one.

  2. This option is for version 1.18 wrote clearly.
    Adaptation to the new game.

    All good and clear)

  3. rockchevelle

    9300 eagle repairs please. this truck is very good

  4. i love this truck needs a better motor sound cat or detroit but can u make a high rise sleeper mod for this truck please and thank you

  5. what truck dealer can you find it

  6. jacob.lovekw

    Hey guys go check out my video of this truck 🙂 Awesome sound to it.

  7. Doktor_Psix

    Обзор мода на русском

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