Kenworth W900B Long


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Kenworth W900B Long Truck
Tested 1.14 version

Author: CrowerCZ


13 thoughts on “Kenworth W900B Long

  1. This truck is beautiful, but too bad to drive.

  2. can you make it low deck??

  3. Downloaded this mod after seeing it on Youtube. Seems to be a question that arises a lot, “Do’es this truck exist in reality”. Yes,Having experience driving trucks in NA and europe, I can assure all that this type of rig is real, although not common in NA neither is it all that rare. Trucks like this are usually driven by american Owner/Opperators running Dedicated Hauls with lighter loads(obviously the weight of the tractor limits/detracts from the available payload).One such rig hauls for Reliable Carriers Inc, a company specializing in enclosed automobile transport, ie using Penske car trailers like the big racing teams. The Wheelbase of such a truck exceeds Canadian regulations so you won’t see them in Canada. The sleeper is not built by the truck manufacturer but by ARI (American Reliance Industries co.) and is a custom unit available to fit various wheelbase tractor units, can be fitted to Kenworths, Peterbilts, Freightliners, Internationals, and yes have even seen them on NA Volvos. The Legacy model is one of the larger units. Of course a truck with this kind of length is not the easiest to handle and maneuver, and requires the driver to think and plan well ahead of his ####! Remember the steer axle is 1.5meters +or- ahead of you,not 1/2m behind you as on European units this requires some different steering que’s and an adjustment in perspective/focus. I didn’t feel that it handled like a ‘brick’,but then i’ve never driven a ‘brick’. I actually thought it drove quit nicely considering it’s size, cornering/turning do’es present a challenge, definitely not for the Noobs, but then neither is the real thing! see link-

    1. I live in the US and i see these type of trucks all the time. My mother was a long haul trucker and i have gone with her on a couple of trips. these types of trucks are seen with often large and heavy loads, as they make alot of money from the loads. a truck of that size does not come stock. you have to got to a truck tuning company and the have to rebuid a new chassis and sleeper for the truck.

      1. yes you are correct i drove 30 yrs.had a friend who had one built.

    2. kelkiesdamon

      if na maps comes out let maps mc know please wanna copane for so long

  4. bram van loon

    i love this truck and when you get used to it its so nice to drive

  5. cant download it -.-
    is there any reason? i press download, and it doesnt move from starting.. been here abbout 10+min and still there

  6. v1.14??

    made in 01/2014?


  8. Baalgauge

    Can anyone give me a Template to skin this truck plz?


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