Kenworth W900L With American Tri-Axle Lowboy by Bu5ted!!


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Kenworth W900L by Bu5ted!!
With American Tri-Axle Lowboy

PLEASE read the readme file after download!
looking for someone to do youtube video mod display
more trucks to come like a Tandem Steer T800, i call TT800
Complete New Sound With Recorded Jake and Working Dashboard

Tri-Drive Only….Set Up For Heavy Haul
} Added Texas Front Bumper w/Lights
} Added Headache Rack w/Lights
} Redone Rear Bumper
} Redone Tail Lights
} Added Air Cleaners w/Lights
} Complete Working Gauge
:Boost Gauge
:Dual Air Tank Gauges
:Brake Psi Gauge
:Oil Psi Gauge
:Oil Temp Gauge
:Water Temp Gauge
:Transmission Temp Gauge
:Air Susp Gauge
:Speedometer Calibrated
All Existing Gauges Updated and Calibrated

} New Interior Animations
:Park Light Switch
:Beacon Switch
:Jake Switch and Light
:Cruise Control Switch
:Lift Axle Switch
:Hazzard (flasher) Switch

} Added T800 Info Panel to Dashboard (default key(i) to change modes)
} Added 2 Reverse Gears (4 total)
} Added New Engines
} Added Rims and Tires
} Added Brighter Reverse Lights
} Added Blinker Sound
} Set Weight For Heavy Haul

Lowboy, Original : Cozad Expando Lowboy by B4RT… Modified By Bu5ted
Changed to Tri-axle setup with Wheels and Tires
Much Longer
Loads have weights adjusted higher and also have Empty Lowboy to haul!

I will be fixing other minor glitches AND adding more to this already awesome truck!!
Other mods that work well and i use with this are :
original author
credits : Aiightis
: B4RT

Bu5ted & original authors : Aiightis , B4RT


34 Responses to Kenworth W900L With American Tri-Axle Lowboy by Bu5ted!!

  1. NoNameNope says:

    Game crash whenever you go to the dealer! Fix that, please.

    • Bu5ted says:

      Can u post your game log and crash log please, I will look into it…most likely mod conflict, I have no crash or errors on my end.

  2. Terra says:

    I am at job now, don’t know how it works, but can’t wait to get home and to try it. Simply, I’m crazy after the american trucks

  3. Russian beast says:

    Not actually for the moment. In 5 days we will be crisscrossing California (ATS). Thusly goodbye cramp Europe! And I guess forever.

  4. outlawangelad says:

    what dealer is the truck in and you need to work on it please when you drive down road you are the only one with trailor or all you see is the heavy haul trailor the same thing when bart first put it out need to fix

    • Bu5ted says:

      Truck is in the iveco dealer, I will have a look into the problem with ai loads, thanks for feedback

      • Space Cam says:

        can you make a standalone additional tri axle and a day cab for Kenwoth W900 and an engine to go with the tri axle. this mod replaces the Kenworth W900.

  5. Terra says:

    What is funny, and annoying at the same time, is that where the author puts and a videos, with his test and presentation about the mod, immediately appears another twenty guys who put and theirs testing / presentation videos.
    And here, where the author did not put and a video, to show us the truck, no one not came to put a video.

  6. craig says:

    cant find .scs file in the archive? do i just put winrar archive in mod folder?

    • Bu5ted says:

      The scs file is in the rar, open rar, read the read me, pick digital for button or keyboard and analog if u use pedals, the scs is in the folders provided in the rar.

  7. Daron says:

    anyone can do freighthliner cascadia with tuning parts ?

  8. Trucker says:

    Well, that interior is not for day cab. When you enter in the cab you see the sleeper behind the seats. Also the wipers is not correct outside/inside.

    • Bu5ted says:

      I will be cleaning up some of the glitches and such by removing sleeper in model and correcting wipers and switch animations, this is my first mod and I appreciate the feedback

      • Trucker says:

        Thank you for the answer! I love US trucks verry much – that’s why i write about it. Thank you for your job!

  9. Bu5ted says:

    I will be re-uploading this truck soon, I have found a problem with clutch tuning for pedals, amongst others…in the meantime anyone using pedals can open scs file and in def find the physics.sii and change clutch viscosity to 500.0

  10. B4RT says:

    Thank you for keeping the credits, this is important: D

    • Bu5ted says:

      No problem man, great job on trailer and loads, awesome base to work from and I know u had some time into it so your credit is definitely deserved.

  11. David says:

    Thank you for this wonderful mod. It’s now my favorite truck!!! Quick question though, how do I turn down the volume for braking? I’m using the Digital Clutch version, and I like that when I hit the brakes I can hear the Jake Brake kick in, but it’s SO loud, that I had to nearly mute my game. Any help would be appreciated.

    • Bu5ted says:

      Open up the KW9.scs in your mod folder, then open folder called def, next open folder called vehicle, then open truck folder, next open iveco.kenworth folder and find sound folder, in there you will see interior.sii and exterior.sii, in each of those almost at bottom is a line that reads sound_engine_data : .mbrake and under that heading you will find volume just adjust it in a text editor and save, winrar will update the scs file and you can now enjoy, thanks for the feedback and I will be fixing this issue along with others for re-release soon

      • David says:

        Hmm… I even tried setting this value to 0.0, but to no avail. I believe the issue is that the Jake Brake audio is connected to the standard brake audio. So if I could find the default braking audio, I could try to adjust it there.

        • Bu5ted says:

          Ok, one other place you can look is in def/vehicle /truck/ and open the file called common_sound_int_data.sui and right at the top is the volume for brake. If that don’t work I will have to mix the jake sound file and reupload with all corrected features.

          • David says:

            That’s it!!! You fixed it. I just had to turn the volume from 50.0 to 25.0. Thanks again buddy.

  12. Tutanota says:

    Hi cool truck! But the brake is way too loud. What are the files I need to change to lower the volume of the brakes? Where are they located? Thank you.

    • Bu5ted says:

      I posted solution for sound on comment above yours, Thanks.

  13. GGgg says:

    This will look great on ATS!

  14. Bu5ted says:

    UPDATE: I have corrected the issue with ai traffic and loads with lowboy, it is now mixed properly, I have adjusted analog clutch properly, removed sleeper from interior model, adjusted sound range and volume on engine brake, fixed sound for blinkers, and a few other minor things! NOTE: i am doing my best to get this and my other trucks uploaded as soon as possible while working 16 hr days so please bear with me as I make progress and ALL feedback is appreciated. Truck not re-uploaded yet but soon!!

  15. French Canadian Bastard says:

    Well this junk broke my game >:( For the feedback, no mirrors in interior view, the F2 mirrors don’t work either, very loud interior noise (switches, blinkers etc…) and you will hear them as loud in the exterior view, daycab in exterior view and ultra long sleeper in inside view, trying to look outside the camera will go trough the truck, taillights are ugly, huge missing texture on the wheels of the other trucks and guess what? when you deactivate the mod, the missing texture doesn’t go away, the only good part, amazing engine sound, I can understand it’s your first mod, but god damn, when a mod is that broken, keep working on it before releasing it, even more when it breaks the game

    • Bu5ted says:

      Thanks for the criticism, it does nothing but help me make better mods, firstly this truck is a work in progress and I will slowly be working the bugs out I had so many people wanting the truck I released it anyways, Second I have Windows XP and Windows 7 ultimate 32 bit also windows seven home premium 64-bit with versions 1.18 through 1.21of Ets2 and show no symptoms of what you’re explaining other than loud switch sounds and such, no major problems at all including fully functioning mirrors and all textures, yes I must agree I’m not liking the rear bumper or texture for it or the headache rack and the exterior sound was horrible so I just run same sound files for now so others can enjoy the truck they been seeing while I finish it! Also I have multiple profiles for testing and playing and inside a year I haven’t had one game save go corrupt and I’m constantly activating and deactivating mods. As far as missing textures go if u downloaded from here and only here as I haven’t uploaded anywhere else, then these symptoms were most likely mod conflict or corrupt save to begin with and if your into mods then the proper thing to do is back up your profile every once in awhile as mentioned on numerous ets related forums. If u were to post your game or crash log I might be able to find out if it was indeed this “junk” that caused the problem or not.

  16. braden says:

    jake brake dont work for me? any idea?

    • Bu5ted says:

      Never had an issue on my end, make sure it’s set in the keyboard (controls) setting in game. There is a setting for brake and brake toggle try to unassign the key and reassign it. If that don’t work go to you euro truck folder in my documents if running windows and locate your game save in profiles and open controls.sii text file and scroll until around line 193. Two lines there say ‘mix motorbrake’ and ‘engbraketog’ make sure they are bound by the key u chose in game, if not then have a look how they are written and fill in with your choice of key…example: mix motorbrake ‘keyboard.b?0′” …. where b equals the key in game.

  17. Bu5ted says:

    And I do see the camera problem you were talking about, will be fixed.

  18. Modz says:

    This truck mod sucks and has to many problems and need a new version of the truck with a lot more upgrade and stuff you can put on the truck

  19. chris says:

    hey mate can you make the sleeper two axle drive tires and lots of lights and put it in ats would really like it if you could looks good mate

  20. Etan says:

    when i go to the download link, and hit the download button, it goes to a screen that says “no file” (or something like that). any ideas, I really want to download because it looks DOPE and i like American Trucks in my ets2 XD

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