KimDog’s Mega Sound Pack

This Soundpack is a updated Version of my old Soundpack!

1.49 Compatible

Rob Hounddog


7 thoughts on “KimDog’s Mega Sound Pack

  1. got my pc infected, thanks sharemods! nice f 3 tabs with virus in a row, use modsfire please!

  2. Since 10 years I download Mods at Sharemods.
    In all the Time, I had NEVER one Problem with anything.

    But when you’re angry, you should install an AV…

    1. you are lucky then

      it always display many pop ads with very odd advertisers

      1. Adrian Grass

        So you got from anywhere a virus … not from sharemods. But you only on Sharemods. We know 😉

    2. Same for me. I downloaded thousands of mods and was never infected. Thanks Kaspersky or God 😉

  3. Adrian Grass

    384MB … What is in there 1.000.000 Soundmods? or what?

    I think it is a reupload with nothing change!

  4. Rob Hounddog

    What a thing is this ? You didn’t even ask if you could upload it….
    This community ….really ?

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