Kiss X Sis Combo Pack

Kiss X Sis

A skin project made for a friend’s wish on Steam.

Note: As the Chereau trailer used is a reskin, deactivate any other Chereau trailer mod before using this trailer. Other info in the readme file.

Tested on 1.18.x

Author: Samemori

DOWNLOAD 15 MB [Sharemods]
DOWNLOAD 15 MB [Mediafire]

2 Responses to Kiss X Sis Combo Pack

  1. carlos says:

    didnt know that 10 year old girls also played ets

    • Samemori says:

      If that’s true and I have seen it myself, then I am happy to see that. Even you and SCS.

      But i am sorry if I offend you as I want to tell you this, the anime featured on the skin here is actually not for kids.

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