Knapen Tandem Addon v1.2 1.45

Changes in v1.2
Dolly cables reworked
Updated to 1.45
Extreme trailer with dolly
Extreme full short trailer added

Pack includes
Short Trailer with dolly
Tyllis dolly for semitrailers



5 thoughts on “Knapen Tandem Addon v1.2 1.45

  1. get warning when you use download link

    1. Ger-Mike

      go to steam workshop or scs forum

      please do not support mod stealers

  2. fake kast not updated any of his mods to 1.45

  3. This is a false update as there is no update , the mod owner says no update is needed

  4. AvM Transport

    Kast don’t update mods for beta’s 😉

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