Knight Industries Two Thousand (KITT) Knight Rider Mod

The car from Knight Rider. Basically a 1982 Pontiac Firebird Trans AM customized to make this iconic vehicle. The car works on ETS2 and ATS. I’ve tested it on the latest game version which is 1.48. It should work well on all the versions starting from 1.40 and above. Please add the sound mod on top of the car mod and you’re good to go!!!

Fahim Auvro

DOWNLOAD 17 MB [mirror]

6 thoughts on “Knight Industries Two Thousand (KITT) Knight Rider Mod

  1. Equality for all car manufacturers

    FINALLY, this is more like it, somebody has done something different, holy cow, and it’s an icon of its onscreen era, it’s not the greatest mod and needs work cause its an old mod, but someone’s got the ##### to do something different than just update a manifest file and reupload (mert and Nimit), and thank god its not european for once, there are other brands from other countries too (USA, Australia, Britain, Japan, Russia etc etc) other than from germany.

  2. Nice mod bro thx

  3. Pretty neat idea,
    I’m not really interested in driving cars in ATS or ETS2, but this could be pretty cool as an A.I car.
    If the maker of it, Or anyone who has permission to convert it into an A.I car, i’d definitely put it in there just to see it driving around from time to time.

    1. Fahim Auvro

      I’m the maker. Go for it!!!

      1. Chance "Cyrax" Wilkens, King of Akron, Ohio

        Awesome car my man, hope you keep on updating this, for it sits in my garage awaiting brake light functions (brakes and indicators) and some dash work and such, this is really cool, please don’t give up on this mod

  4. hallo, machst das Auto von A-Team auch..

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