Kogel Sal Trailer Edit


Thanks Halil_94

Donovan, Edit: Murat


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  1. andry radden adiputro says:

    im riquest trailer nascar from film cars 2 lightning mcqueen please
    im from indonesia

  2. Baba says:

    Invalid wheel index (2, 3).
    Invalid wheel index (4, 5).

    • TruckerZer0 says:

      So Professor, why don’t YOU start to do something? You and your comment are insufficent!

      • Baba says:

        okay, then check your brain 00zero

        • TruckerZer0 says:

          Oh yes, i’ll check it; unfortunately is something you can’t do, because you can’t have one, poor blithering #####…

          • Baba says:

            whats y name ? a blithering bastard ##### !!!

  3. Theosz says:

    thx for sharing but still have issues in game.log.txt to make “pure compatible to v1.9 and above:

    Invalid wheel index

  4. gm says:


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