Korea Professional Baseball Team Pack


Korea Professional Baseball Team Pack is
The file is divided into three

1.Korea Professional baseball Team-SCANIA SKIN (by poker face)
2.Korea Professional baseball Team-VOLVO SKIN (by poker face)
3.Korea Professional Baseball Team-TRAILER SKIN (by pokerface)

Trailer is a total 10. (7even is a separate company not decided.)

I took only kronecool,and I didn’t took kroneprofi

Trailer by Company
2 Hanwha – Bcp
3 Doosan – Transinet
4 Lotte – Eurogoodies
5 Kia – Lkwlog
6.NC – Posped
7 Nexen – Stokes
8.SK – Trameri
9 Samsung – Tradeaux
10.LG – Euroacres

Truck: Scania, Volvo, there are two kind of skin. Scania,Volvo body is little difference.
2 Hanwha
3 Doosan
4 Lotte
5 Kia
7 Nexen
9 Samsung

Author: pokerface


12 Responses to Korea Professional Baseball Team Pack

  1. Isti says:


  2. Xen0n says:

    whats the passwort ???

  3. AYURVEDA says:

    Very good. Look forward to the future work the good skin.

  4. AYURVEDA says:

    zip file. Why Did not mention the password?
    Do not make this mistake in the future.

    To inform zip file password: http://cafe.naver.com/funhardtruck

  5. Duongspy says:

    password ??? we need a password 🙁

  6. singu says:

    password plz ..

  7. pokerface says:

    I’m so sorry I completely forgot about pass word. I really sorry to all of you.
    password: http://cafe.naver.com/funhardtruck

  8. pokerface says:

    Hey, I’m maker.
    Did not write password is my mistake.
    So, please do not send email to AYURVEDA.
    He just a man who I know.
    Please do not complain to him.
    I’m so sorry again

  9. singu says:

    hi bro please create lot of skin u r best

  10. singu says:

    hi bro ,please create lot of skin u r best

  11. singu says:

    hi bro ,create lot of skin u r best

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