Kraz 260 [1.30.x] (upd 16.03.18)

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Fully independent model. Purchased at the Volvo 5 slot. It has its own tuning, its wheels, its own sounds, its own salon.

Changes 16.03.18:

– Some more lost materials have been returned.
– Refined and improved registration engine performance.
– KrAZ spelled out in a separate slot in the Volvo dealership and now nothing replaces, maximum compatibility with other mods.
Integrated fix starbursts – aligned illumination for peace, with the view from the cockpit and outside. The glow of a pack of cigarettes, seats and a Central tunnel is also reduced. The author of the fix – Bo Ezduk.
– Minor bug fixes.
– Added mod approval KrAZ companies to work for “uncle”. Is an optional extra.
To install it, the file Kraz_260_in_companies.scs copy to the mod folder and connect to the “mod Manager” above the main KrAZ 260 mod.

koral, _69_mf_, Анатолий7469, Bo Ezduk, kv0, cepkoc, kv0


5 thoughts on “Kraz 260 [1.30.x] (upd 16.03.18)

  1. HD 1080p Video Test

  2. SiMoN3 ETS2

    Video test here 😀 Nice truck !

  3. Great+mod!+1080p+60fps+test+video+here+:+!

  4. peperebvs

    désolé de vous dire ça, mais il ne fonctionne pas sur mon jeu, il ne prend pas les remorques, impossible à atteler, il avant tout seul au moment d’accrocher la remorque 🙁

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