Kraz 6446 64431


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– Standalone Truck
– Dealer MAN
– Interior
– Sounds
– Wheels
– Chassis 6×4, 6×6
– Painting
– Tuning
– New Engines
– New Gearbox
– New Big Fueltank

Tested 1.22 Game Version

Никон Олейниченко, Антон Аронсон, il_86, vovangt4, The Pain

DOWNLOAD 133.6 MB [Sharemods]
DOWNLOAD 133.6 MB [Uploadfiles]

5 thoughts on “Kraz 6446 64431

  1. Video tested on 1.22s HD:

  2. Старый мусор, красный лог….

    Old mod, red log….

  3. Kraz 6446 64431 drive test:

  4. Space Cam

    why you don’t use part to replace the symbols make the game more real, you setting up your truck and you see symbols instead of the looks of the parts.

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