Opel/Chevrolet Kadett 1998


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Mod features:
– Beautiful interior with a racing wheel
– Roof rack
– Sport wheels
– Sports rear lights
– Golf is in the style LOW
It runs on version 1.21 and 1.22
– Sounds of either a truck or a motor Tongue
after selecting and buying a car is necessary to restart the game, Wheels will be in place
Horn with Scania
– No driver in the Outback

Mod I improved as will interest in it

Diablo and others



14 thoughts on “Opel/Chevrolet Kadett 1998

  1. solaris36

    Opel Kadett? Awesome tuning!!!!!
    Appears a Golf II!!!! Hehehehehe

  2. Military_Pig

    Мод полное гавно )))

  3. Gamer_Kate

    Looking forward to ram this car off the road! Hell yeah! Size matters, hehe.
    Sorry I couldn’t help myself. 😛

  4. Adammisch

    Are you totaly ###### Diablo? This isn´t a Open/Cadett. Its a ####### Volkswagen Golf 😛 Please erase yourself from the universe if you can´t even tell a difference between Opel and VW

  5. Lol this isn´t a Opel xD Also its not from 1998 its from 1992 yeh dumb ####

  6. How would you although some they thought they saw other mod I gave already the Opel cadet you would know it was a mistake in the name so as one wishes something to quickly and walk out things like error in the name, not fortunately but I have no possibility to change the name of the ETS2 .lt already sent, after the fashion I found there was no ban or developer before the release and editing

  7. Schwarter

    Das mit den Namen ist schon traurig…
    Aber noch trauriger finde ich dieses Fussel-tuning…
    Originale Felgen, Doppelscheinwerfergrill und original Rückleuchten , alles andere ist Schwachsinn!

  8. Diablo, you cannot call this mod your own. This is a mod from a brasilian modder. He made these cars on the same flatform:
    VW Golf
    Opel (Chevrolet) Kadett
    Honda Civic Coupe


    thanks 🙂

  10. I would not even dared to call these mods self- wrote with someone knows how let ‘s give it will add something had to enter in this field

  11. This is not my mod, I wrote the author is not known diablo inscribed upon it lest ets2.lt not rejected him

  12. LegitimateSweg

    eeeiits a vw golf breh

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