Kriechbaum v8 addon oxygen

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OxyGen, Kriechbaum, Soundsamples


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9 thoughts on “Kriechbaum v8 addon oxygen

  1. tunning6000

    amazing sound,good job

  2. Hello ,the skin is private or pubblic? Thanks!!!!!

    1. The Jammer

      Are you guys okay?? This is a real life photo! Look closely..


  4. for skin?

  5. FoxOnTheBox

    Lovely deep sound, well done! 🙂

    HD Video tested on 1.30

  6. Faelandaea

    Looking for some help here. I love the sound of this engine in the videos, but when downloading, even on a clean profile with no other mods, I have no interior sound. The log says I am missing accessory data /def/vehicle/truck/scania.s_2016/sound/interior_v8.sii

    This is, of course, not at all possible as when I look in the mod, the sound is there.

    The ONLY other mods I have are skins, and it is impossible for a skin mod to conflict with a sound mod. Any ideas? Game version, which is what this mod was originally designed for, according to the author.

    00:03:59.370 : Missing accessory data /def/vehicle/truck/scania.s_2016/sound/interior_v8.sii
    00:04:11.930 : Interior sound accessory is missing!

    1. Faelandaea

      SOLVED. Sorry about that. I had been focused on only Scania sounds. I had a sound pack installed for DAF which slipped by my eyes as I was filtering out conflicts. Not sure why DAF sounds would conflict with Scania sounds (no relation at all) but this pack is incompatible with DAF XF Open Pipe v 2.0 by adi2003de also available on this site.

      I quickly deleted the other pack. I’d rather have this one. Many thanks for the mod, OxyGen, Kriechbaum, and Soundsamples. great work.

  7. mickey dee

    THIS is how a scania with an open pipe sounds like (like kriechbaum did it!)
    listen very carefully, remember it, listen again and again..
    then listen to your sorry ripp off sound “mod”
    and start being ashamed..
    and start over from scratch!

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