Krone 4 Axles Jumbo Curtainsider


Krone 4 Axles Jumbo Curtainsider Trailer

Authors: Ventures, Mr_Zer, Roadhunter, Zilpzalp


10 Responses to Krone 4 Axles Jumbo Curtainsider

  1. Scaniadriver says:

    Thanks for this – much better than the other one:)

  2. rakso says:

    where can i change the weight on this trailer?

    • Kie says:

      In your mod folder, zZz_jumbo curtainsider/def/cargo/krone4.sii, just edit mass[]: 23000.0 to whatever you want…

      • rakso says:


      • John says:

        Kie. I am new to ets2.How do i open this mod to be able to edit the weight of this trailer? Do i need any special software? Thanks.

  3. PallMall says:

    YES; and works with COPY AND PASTE TSM MAP

  4. MaxSenz says:

    DONT WORK BY ME :(((((((
    game version
    I tryed game without other mods,only this trailer…nothing :(((

    So,it´s fake ?!?!? Or it is so,that some game configurations dont show this mod…

  5. Ianwigan says:

    Max did you try doing two or three jobs rest etc?

  6. FRANCESCO 90 says:

    are standalone??

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