Krone old trailer


Trailer replaces aerodynamic trailer
all versions
baked textures.

Authors: Alex Antonov, tomson


9 thoughts on “Krone old trailer

  1. you forget front and upper lights

  2. What do you mean?

    1. Front lights and top light, those showing the size of the trailer in night.

      1. Oh these i know what these mean 😀 , i’m not creator of this mod ask to the creator.

        1. how can i contact the creator?

  3. Wrong download link!!!
    Can you upload please a new one?

    1. try clicking on the real link first instead of the adds

  4. When using this mod, the rear wheels of the AI trucks (and also my own truck) become a SAF wheel (as is mounted under the Krone trailer) Please fix this bug, and make the toplights work please!

    1. For the wheel bug, just delete the vehicles>wheels folder in the mod 😉

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