Krone Profiliner Gurrieri Trasporti Skin + Accessory

-real texture
-double trailer version
(added only as an example in Italy they are not used)
-tutorial Skin
-bonus skin for Renault Magnum by knox_xss and
-Renault Premium by Schumi
–tested version
The Krone DLC contains many errors, we hope that the SCS wants to solve them (I think it’s NO)
Please, if you use these files, do not block your mods or otherwise leave a copy (unblocked)
of the file.def accessory, so we give everyone the opportunity to try and create their own skins THANK YOU.
-skin and def: Zoso
I am not a modder and even a skinner
and not obliged nobody download my mod.



4 thoughts on “Krone Profiliner Gurrieri Trasporti Skin + Accessory

  1. Mille Grazie, amici zoso. 5*

    1. Grazie a te JoachimK

  2. Fabio Vecchio

    Bello rivederti amico ❤

    1. Mi dispiace se ti ho fatto aspettare tanto.

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