Krone profiliner recolor by Atomfr

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Here is a krone profiliner skin recolor, including 8 new styles:

-reverse black

V 1.0, tested on 1.37

Feel free to ask me for another model or other colors…

Atomfr, SCS


6 thoughts on “Krone profiliner recolor by Atomfr

  1. AvM Transport

    You have the permission of SCS Software to edit the skin? No? Why someone need YOUR permission to reupload or edit a skin, you don’t have made?

  2. But What do you write, you can modify the original SCS skin (not yours) and the other friends must ask you for permission? who are you? and also to use modsstudio2 you must ask permission from you?
    I’ll give you a friend’s advice don’t make the chickens laugh.

    1. AvM Transport

      Of course you can edit original stuff of SCS Software. I don’t said, you can’t do it 😉 But everytime the same #### like “don’t edit without my permission”. Most time – it’s NOTHING special.

      1. I was not referring to you, the comment and to the teacher above.
        I have never given up these prayers and who blocks the mods.

    2. AvM Transport

      Oh, okay (:

  3. Matt_07ita

    Dai ragazzi calma e solo una skin per krone niente di più!
    (rispetto all’ autore)

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