Krone Slots update v 0.05

Krone update simply replace the old mod
new Slots parts

testet 1.34



15 thoughts on “Krone Slots update v 0.05

  1. üstüne her hangi bir led modu kuramıyorum ne den acaba ?

  2. Thanks, it works perfectly even on skinnable accessories (but you need to add the definitions in your skins)
    I tried also to add coolmega from Sogard3 but the coolbox is higher as in the photo.
    Thanks again.

      1. My Work is and Facebook
        And not zippyshare Link
        This is realy Bad Works
        Thanks for this zoso
        MfG zipi ?✌

        1. We know your Links, but if you click, you have only an Image 😉

          1. Ich weiß habe mich leider falsch ausgedrückt war nicht böse gemeint ?
            Er kann sich ja gerne bei mir melden ich helfe ihm

          2. Ciao JoachimK, thanks for the reply, Zipi misunderstood my comment.

  3. Zoso you Need zmod or Blender 😉

  4. Pochtron20

    hello and thank you, for this mod that I love because in life I was my semi is road like this one, my boss said it looked like a Christmas tree again THANKS and excuse me for the bad English language .If you see my sign it is VIZZAVONA

  5. Zoso welcome to contact me i will help him
    sorry for the english

    1. MksYrmlnk

      is such a tuning possible for a standard own trailer

    2. Ciao Zipi, thanks for your willingness to help me. I can only write here not using social media, and I’m not a Modder and with the new blender tools I can’t use them. For the link I just wanted to show you my modification, from my works I don’t take no credit just passion. I don’t want to waste your time helping me I’ll wait for your updates that are perfect. I don’t speak English use google.
      CiaoZ amico mio e grazie di nuovo.

  6. i can activate this mod, but when i click on the new slots there are no lampst to install

    1. sorry – ok, no problem, had to set higher priority for this mod and it works fine.
      Thanks for the mod!

  7. Can you add red lights for the back off the trailer??

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