Krone Slots

Krone Coolliner with Slots
this is a update vor the other mod of me
more comming soon
look self and have fun



10 thoughts on “Krone Slots

  1. Kevin Naldony

    lern english mate – hahahah ### every kid can it better than u 😀

    1. shut up,noob!

      1. hansetrans

        uhh a little kid – hahahahahhaha

        1. Your IQ is zero!

  2. Kevin Naldony

    learn english mate – hahahah ### every kid can it better than u 😀

  3. Finally someone who shares their work 🙂

  4. I don’t understand these meaningless comments.
    We just have to say thanks to Zipi, but some people just don’t know how to break the #####!
    Thanks Zipi and I hope you will also add other accessories.

  5. Ersin Yemisen

    olmuyor güncelenmesi lazim

  6. Thanks for your Upgrade. Just load it and I will replace it later and test. 5*

    @zoso- You are right. Some People have not a good Education and no Respect. At home, they have to Shut Up. And here they mean, to do what they want. 🙁

  7. Robin Hickman

    Great work well done thanks

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