Krone Trailer

Krone Trailer

Tested on last version, work super




5 thoughts on “Krone Trailer

  1. Krone trailer? And on the side there is a patch Schmitz Cargobull, EPIC FAIL!!!

    1. You are right, it´s not a Schmitz, it´s only a Sign on a Krone. That´s what i´ve seen in the Mod.

      And the Trailer is from 2011-2013, old Stuff.

      @Guest- You like old Stuff or you are the Author… LOL

  2. Yes, but he thinks, nobody knows Miki2424 aka Gile004, the Spammer of S**t and stolen Mods.
    Where is the Author of the Original ???

    1. No clue! But the – work super – says all you need to know!

  3. can work 1.28?

    can work1.28?

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