Lada Vaz 2106 1.27

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– Standalone (DAF dealer)
– Interior
– AO
– Lightmask
– Wheels
– Tuning
– Redone metallic
– Changed mats
– Fixed interior glass
– Adaptation for 1.27
– Fixed log

MudiloMax96,Puskin, Fenix


22 thoughts on “Lada Vaz 2106 1.27

  1. вылет 1.27.х

  2. Ужасно кривая адаптация, обновлены только 3D модели, анимаций нет вообще, в логе много предупреждений и ошибки. В топку такой мод и адаптатора

  3. Full HD Complete Video-

  4. Calliandr

    Жест!!! Снаружи руль есть а внутри его нет,очень сильный рёв разбитого двигуна+пневматические тормоза со сбросом воздуха от грузовика.жесть!

  5. PolishDrivertruck

    Test 1.29 Video on my Youtube Channelł PL

    1. Scooby123

      Co podrabiasz prawdziwego pdt?

    2. Stop ! You are a fake and no version 1.29 !

      1. 1.29 в природе нету! Это для версий 1.27 и выше!

      2. PolishDrivertruck

        I’m real, not fake!!

        1. Rlly ? You don’t have photo !

  6. engine sound please!!!

    this one:

  7. No steering wheel

  8. What the f*** is this bull**** mod again?! I mean come on it’s Euro TRUCK Simulator 2 not NFS or GTA! Stop hunting a Truck Sim with these Mods !!!!

    Go play NFS or GTA or Gran Turismo or Forza !!!!!

    1. Shut up you fu*king ######. A lot of people want cars in ETS2, its more realistic. If you don´t like cars, dont comment / don´t download it!!!

      1. Bradley1985

        Agree with EZGamer

      2. First of all, Don’t insult me, I just told my mind, I like Car Mods but..They are undriveable like the Skoda from the MP.
        And i think that these mods are useless.

  9. GamerLionfish

    Hurray, it’s been updated. But, here are some issues that I want corrected please:

    1.) Add the steering wheel

    2.) Remove that guy in the car.

    3.) Add more realistic sounds.

  10. Thomas_Mr


  11. Game crashes

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