Free camera tutorial

If you need a free camera for video capture or you simply look at the truck or the countryside …

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Go to the Documents folder / My Documents / ETS2
and then click the “config.cfg“, this opens it now with the text editor.
Now you look for the entry “uset g_developer” and
“uset g_console” and change there the “0” to “1“.

The speed of the camera:
“uset_g_flyspeed” 100.0 ” it is best to “100.0 ”
Editor save, done!
In the game you then press the “0” for free camera and the arrow keys 8,4,5,6 in the numeric pad on the keyboard and the mouse movement.

33 thoughts on “Free camera tutorial

  1. I have done it, but the cam is going way to fast. How do i put it slower?? Please help me.

    1. hit the ` key to open the console type g_flyspeed *number* to cloase console press ` key

  2. Edit uset_g_flyspeed

    1. Thank you very much!! 😀


    2. Agust Ingi

      í have done this exactly like says here but nothing still hapens. pleas help 😐

    3. I’ve done it to the word but I can’t fly around, what else needs to be done?

  3. heyy, i can’t open config.cfg file. please help u,u

    1. @Alffaan, you can open the cfg files in general with your notepad

  4. thanks a lot for camera tutorial , but how can make movie

  5. I do not have uset_g_flyspeed inmy ETS2 Config.

  6. Christoffer

    the new update (1.3.1) why can i not fly in the new update…i have done all i should, i did the console, i did the flyspeed but it did not change in the game????…HELP!!!!

  7. It keeps changing everything back to original settings

    1. you must launch the game from the files directly, using the steam version launcher will reset the settings.

  8. I chande uset g_devolper to “1” but it goes back to “0” but g_console stays at “1”

  9. when i go into my documents and then in to euro truck simulator 2 and i click on config it tells me to look for an app in the appstore. plz help (i have windows 8 if that helps).

    1. 9009gaming

      Open it with notepad

  10. i have done the exact thing as you said but it does save’s but it doesn’t work in game and a youtuber called baly can do it and many more youtubers can plz msg if you have a souloution

  11. niknor2015

    Большое ВАМ Спасибо!

  12. I will try it out!

  13. In which map are the video’s of ETS?

  14. Ifound the map Screenshots in my documents/ETS2 ,but only PNG,no movies.

  15. damian1980

    Para controlar la velocidad de la cámara no se requiere editar nada solo controlar la velocidad por la rueda del ratón…

  16. How can I change the controlls for the free camera? becouse I dont have key pad 🙁

    1. you dont have this set above your keyboard?

      [email protected]#$%^&*()_+

  17. Is it possible to move without a numpad?

  18. xXLinkster17Xx

    How do i use Free cam on a laptop :l

    1. The same way you use it on an desktop?

  19. i can’t fly when i press 8 or somthing i go to an other camera help me plzz

  20. this no longer works, I have enabled console, etc, but when I go to fly mode, it puts me in the great black abyss, numeric keys on the number pad no longer work

  21. i dont have a num pad bc im on a laptop how to fix it that?

  22. Tihersarc

    How i can change the camea controls?

  23. Mr_Jackp0t


  24. Hello
    Is It possible to move the position of the camera when you press 0
    I find it awful to land under the truck, it will be more beautiful to land right next to the wheel of the truck as when you come down from a cabin by the foot.

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