Lamberet Futura SR2 Pema Trailer

Lamberet-Futura-SR2-Pema-Trailer-1 Lamberet-Futura-SR2-Pema-Trailer-2

Lamberet Futura SR2 Pema Trailer Skin

Authors: mjaym897, Globetrotter


9 thoughts on “Lamberet Futura SR2 Pema Trailer

  1. Why you don’t type if it is stand alone or if it replaces an other trailer ??!! It’s terrible to be so lazy !!

    1. TheGlobetrotter

      Replaces Krone Coolliner

  2. right

    & Texture (texture_base) not found in material

    shredder… the rookie mod

    but sounds good

  3. Welchen Trailer wird ersetzt?


    replaces what? or fridge and a standalone? why do not you write it so we are not always to inquire

  5. Wheel are Download ? pls link. thnx

  6. does this have more than one skin, or is the same as the others and just has one skin??

  7. apferreira truckman

    standalone !!! please !!! …

  8. could someone make it standalone, that would be great

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