Lamberet Futura SR2 Pema Trailer

Lamberet-Futura-SR2-Pema-Trailer-1 Lamberet-Futura-SR2-Pema-Trailer-2

Lamberet Futura SR2 Pema Trailer Skin

Authors: mjaym897, Globetrotter


9 Responses to Lamberet Futura SR2 Pema Trailer

  1. rush_man says:

    Why you don’t type if it is stand alone or if it replaces an other trailer ??!! It’s terrible to be so lazy !!

  2. PallMall says:


    & Texture (texture_base) not found in material

    shredder… the rookie mod

    but sounds good

  3. domee says:

    Welchen Trailer wird ersetzt?

  4. FRANCESCO 90 says:

    replaces what? or fridge and a standalone? why do not you write it so we are not always to inquire

  5. Kypy says:

    Wheel are Download ? pls link. thnx

  6. C4RBON94 says:

    does this have more than one skin, or is the same as the others and just has one skin??

  7. apferreira truckman says:

    standalone !!! please !!! …

  8. max says:

    could someone make it standalone, that would be great

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