Lamberet SR2 v 3.0

-Adapted 1.32.x
-No paintable
-No tuning parts
-“Lamberet SR2 v3.0 for the skin.scs” for the make to skin

Don’t reupload, use original link!

Lucas, MrDBIM, leti7kedil


4 thoughts on “Lamberet SR2 v 3.0

  1. Please make at least something to be changed like wheels

    1. leti7kedil

      Wheel changeable. No accessories I’m trying to tell

  2. CZmimonCZ

    Skin doesnt work

    1. Eu Driver

      Skin work 🙂 but, not with autor files.. im unlock this and use my old skin parts.. see: Of course- unloc only for my personal use 😉

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