Lamberet Trailer by Donovan v 3.1 (Upgrade)

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Update V3(19.01.2018)
* Baked at 100%
* All the lights are lit
* Its shadow, dynamic and static
* Personal Wheels
* Standalone + (thanks to the user Vad&k)
* Updated materials (thanks to the user Vad&k)
* The trailer is registered under each load, so that it would often come across in a choice

Test version of the game: 1.30.x.s

Special thanks to the user Vad&k for help in correcting the materials, autonomous registration of trailer.

Authors GTS: Syncronmjaym828
Author ETS2: Donovan

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Author ETS2: Donovan


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4 thoughts on “Lamberet Trailer by Donovan v 3.1 (Upgrade)

  1. jorgent97

    Hd video 1.30…

  2. Ciao, is it possible to have the shiny cool box?

  3. Mateoilic53

    Is there template too?

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