Scania RJL CMI Blue|White Interior 1.30

Scania RJL CMI Blue/White Interior.
For Scania RJL R&T.
Select 6-Series Exclusive V8 interior.
Needs Mighty Griffin DLC for table and Griffin Curtain.
For those who don’t have Mighty Griffin DLC, but have the cab accessories dlc I got you covered with a curtain White Rose ? .
You can see the interior colors from outside not as detailed as inside but still :).
Enjoy !
Tested on 1.30 !
Special thanks to RJL for his amazing trucks!
Do not reupload ! Share with the same download link!



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4 thoughts on “Scania RJL CMI Blue|White Interior 1.30

  1. polka+and+cutains?

    1. Carmichael

      I don’t know what polka is, but the curtain is from Mighty Griffin DLC .

  2. congratulations for your work, there are excellent details
    Thanks for all

  3. Mod funktioniert gut und sieht gut aus … lvl.1.30.

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