Lamborghini Aventador

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Lamborghini Aventador
Mod Manager ready

A Tested Version: 1.26 & 1.27

There is no interior

you can find us on:
Telegram :@sina_spirit

tanks for using our mods.
Don´t upload this file on other hoster



15 thoughts on “Lamborghini Aventador

  1. MREnglishGamer

    test video at –>

    1. Thank You!

      1. MREnglishGamer

        thats ok! 🙂

  2. Aventador sound pack?!

    this one:–s

    1. Thanks
      In the next update I will add the sound

  3. TheGreatSword

    Exotic car mods with skoda interiors are so wrong and please put some effort in the interiors.

    1. Unfortunately, I dont have an interior model

  4. DutchTrucker

    Wich truck dealer can you buy this?

    1. Buy Man!

  5. 1.28.x game if wish choose basik chassis then game crash has someone else same

  6. pasword ?

    1. Benja | ETS2 Supporter

      You dont need a password.

      Do following to get the mod :

      Go to
      Documents > Euro Truck Simulator 2 > Mod > Drag the mod to the mod folder

  7. It’s not really good with ets 1.30.

  8. irfan hakim

    will it work on ver 1.35.X

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