Pak trailers with skins of Russian companies

– Autonomous
– Present in the traffic
– Loads
– Lift axle
– Support of the advanced system coupling

For game version 1.27.XX

Stanley,TZ Express, Саня Алексашин


4 thoughts on “Pak trailers with skins of Russian companies

  1. Самая настоящая мазня, а не скины, да ещё и построенные на чужом моде., то есть заменены скины. Авторы даже не удосужились заменить превью для менеджере, манифест и readme . Позор да и только!
    Автор оригинального мода: Rudi
    The real daub, not skins, but also built on someone else’s fashion. That is, skins are replaced. The authors did not even bother to replace the preview for the manager, manifest and readme. Shame and only!
    Original fashion author: Rudi

    1. You yourself have not made a single mod. You use someone else’s work and write your name in the authorship.

  2. Администрация сайта:, большая к вам просьба, удалите эту порнографию, а то в галерее прицепов на неё смотреть тошно.
    Administration site:, a big request to you, remove this ###########, and then in the gallery of trailers, it’s sickening to look at.

  3. yes stolen files from me. why he not added the trailer to the ETS2 Studio? ###### everywhere.

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