Lancer Evo v 1.0

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This mod is released after i had it stolen off me and i didnt bother finishing it after its been stolen so it has bugs

Author: GRM Modding (DragonModz)


34 Responses to Lancer Evo v 1.0

  1. ImperialJudgement says:


  2. jako2015 says:

    hahahahaha another half done pile of junk

    • DragonModz says:

      dont care what you say

      • Terra says:

        You should care, dude, because you uploaded a piece of junk, without having respect for the people.

        • DragonModz says:

          how by saying i dont care that means i got no respect? do you even know what respect is?

          • Terra says:

            Kid, at least don’t continue to comment anymore, if you would had respect for the others, you wouldn’t uploaded this #### file, with a junk of car.

          • DragonModz says:

            you’re the one without respect for peoples work i do modding for fun not for a full time job… and i am not a kid i am an 18 year old with more important responsibilities than modding like college, assignments, and doing my driving license in real life

          • LibertyPrime says:

            You’re a crying baby. You never bother doing and finishing everything. Just STOP uploading your shitty cars and trucks.

          • DragonModz says:

            Liberty prime i will never stop modding

      • HelloItsME says:

        u should, because we people are trying to help u making ur mod better. dont play stupid, btw we have our own opinions, u cant say its wrong because this person Thinks this way, and the other person Thinks Another way. u are a person that is just waste of time.’

        • DragonModz says:

          and you are just waste of oxygen… see i can call you names too by calling me names youre not helping youre being an #####

    • Anders says:

      funny is jako2015 u got less brain than a 5 year old. congrazt on that mate, u should respect other people works and be happy they makes mods for free that u can injoin. I bet u cant even mod on ur own…so plz…think next time u have something to say mate. PS dragonmods ty for all the car/van mods u make insted of another Scania that already 500 off. keep up the good work mate.

      • jako2015 says:

        for your information i can mod!! i choose not to waste my days sitting on ets2 or modding i have a life outside the game the fact is this car mod is genuine garbage how many mitsibishi lancer evos have u heard sound like a truck have reverse beeping and air brakes? car is so unrealistic he desperately released the pile of garbage for nothing more than sharemods points LOL same as every other mod hes ever released all unfinished V1 lol dont give up your day job pal!!

      • DragonModz says:

        ignore jako shes mad because i blocked her on facebook due to bullying me on there

        • LibertyPrime says:

          Just tired of you polluting ETS2 mod base with tons of unfinished ugly cars and other crap making the game crash everytime

          • DragonModz says:

            mabybe because of mod conflicts or you have a cracked game?

  3. ets2modtester says:

    hey DragonModz! you are great to do mods! i can say i truly love your mods! just keep up the awesome work your doing! 😀 and keep doing what your doing!

  4. ComuTheWolf says:

    You from poland? wow!
    I from poland too and this is another cool mod from Poland!

  5. pewdiepie says:

    It’s a great idea but there’s literally way too many bugs that make the car unplayable

  6. RayenGaming says:

    Great Mod. AWESOME. THANKS !

  7. pewdiepie says:

    It’s very very bad im surprised you released a mod in such a bad state it’s literally unplayable too many bugs and problems 2/10

  8. Mahad110 says:

    Another trash mod from DragonModz ripped from Need For Speed

  9. USS Iowa says:

    for all the dude’s above did u even read the description all of u should read before writhing crappy comments

  10. Marc says:

    Why not take the engines and stats from the skoda superb? This the most realistic car ever released for ets? Then you can use your models. When you make sure, the dashboard is working properly (exact tacho, lamps, fuel gauge, clock) then your cars would be perfect.

    I always say, a good car mod is, when you dont need the route advisor to play.

    • DragonModz says:

      animations always mess up for me but yeah sounds and others i can do

  11. adijon says:


  12. BF says:

    Where do all these haters and bullies come from? I like and use the mods of DragonModz and this kind of juvenile negativity should be reported and stopped.

  13. LibertyPrime says:

    You’re a crying baby. You never bother doing and finishing everything. Just STOP uploading your shitty cars and trucks.

    • DragonModz says:

      maybe because i have a life outside of modding and its not my priority? plus Liberty prime i will never stop modding

  14. jspence73 says:

    Love the mod drives smooth but need to fix the bug when hitting an Ai cause it thinks that the truck flips over But can’t wait to see what this car brings in the future ?

  15. jspence73 says:

    Love the mod drives smooth but needs to be fixed in a later version of this car

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