Lautus Graphics and weather HD v2.5


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– Completely new HD road textures
– New types of clear weather
– New sun
– New types of sky and clouds
– Many textures of environment were changed
– The grass was a little bit redone
– The new daylight
– New headlights of traffic
– Improved rain weather
– Drops of rain running down the glass
And much more other little things)
Compatible with ETS2 1.9.X and + Marion Map
In archive you can see a mini surprise.
You should watch video in 2160p. It’s amazing)


DOWNLOAD 157 MB yandex
DOWNLOAD 157 MB sendspace

39 thoughts on “Lautus Graphics and weather HD v2.5

  1. Look nice but i don t have rain sound outside and inside

  2. do i have to use ur sweetfx settings too dastagir? pls answer

  3. Because of sweetfx game is not started, that it is necessary to copy in a folder with exe.

    1. same here, my game wont start

  4. Is the daylight still starting at 3:00 AM?

    I think that’s way too early.

    I will try this out.

    Thanks for the share.

    1. Btw, what is this Marion Map?

      I browsed the internet but couldn’t find anything about it.

      1. GenericName

        The “Mario Map” are the TSM and Promods map combined.

        1. Ah ok, it’s Mario not Marion.


          I only use the professional map.


  5. tested on v1.9.22s ???

    1. Yes

  6. I want to know why they don’t maps for v1.9.22s+ ?

  7. anyone having trouble starting game with sweetfx on it? my game wont start

    1. In archive with mod, you can find instruction and if you have been install as it was written there your game will start normally. I havent problem)

  8. Look nice 😉
    Thanks, download this mod!

  9. Add:

    In launch options to game work with sweet fx.

  10. NON_Steam_PLAYER

    look nice but how long you have the mod “WITH PASSORD” …i dont use it! ….ind im sure you lose 36%of people who can really apreciate your work! …….let it free!

    1. This verion without password)

      1. NON_Steam_PLAYER

        its your call men! …but you know alot of people edit their mods to match perfectly the game and with the other mods we have! ……..because there are so many files who can broke our profil! ….and i dont want to start a new profil because i have 260h played and i choose carefully the files from my mods! no hard feelings!!!

  11. Promods Map I’m using.The game beats.Please could you help

  12. I like the mod but i hav problems whit the TSM MAP can you fix ir? please

  13. Kill4MeHILL

    Looks great, works great, my only beef is that the flare pack i was using, no longer works.
    I think i will stick with SweetFX @ improved weather mod. “SweetFX” is the best work by any mod maker, i can’t play without it now. Thanks for your hard work!

    1. Make sure your flare mod is under this mod
      …i did the same…then it works.

  14. Lautus 2.0 –> OK
    Lautus 2.5 –> Crash at loading


    1. Try adding -nodx9ex to your Steam launch options. That will make it work with sweetfx.

      1. crash again 🙁

        1. If you have x64 system, archivate in folder with .exe files files from sweetFX x64

  15. Looking awesome!

  16. I tried a new profile, all new tsm releases and this mod makes it crash. Does not work with newest TSM my game freezes on every road leading to TSM.

    1. That’s because this mod has both the Promods and TSM maps combined. You have to remove TSM.

      1. Oops, disregard above response, wrong thread LOL !

  17. mario map and wanted to use it, but the conflict is not in the logfile please upgrade format to improve load performance errors due to the close gives the FXX and graphics mode according to the instructions in a way I threw solutions varmıdır this error?

  18. Is this Support Ets2 1.9+? with perfect FPS?
    I looking your video sounds little lag @_@||

  19. Послушайте меня придурки.В Zip-папке,есть еще одна Zip-папка.Бросте ее в папку с игрой-win*86,а файл-scs.бросте в папку-mod.

  20. Brilliant mod! Especially with SweetFX enabled, everything looks so much more vibrant. Recommended!

  21. great mod,thanks.
    but two things that i think,if changed is better
    first,daylight starting at 3 am
    and second the sound of the rain, i cannot hear,when music is on ,music volume is too low,but i cannot hear,just thunder i can hear,please increase rain sound in the next version.

    1. Ok, I will correct it

  22. Thetrucker!

    I dont get it… is this mod even safe or is this mod a massive scam? Why does this file continuously trigger a virus warning?

    Virus Detected1 : dagstagir_Lautus_HD2.5 file: W32.SAPE.coud9.1Trojan. Would like an explination here lol as cool as this mod it why does it not appear safe at all?

    Virus 2 detected sweetFX/d3d9.dll/dxgi.dll(WS.Repuation.1)

    1. False positive dude, use it without worrying.
      People should stop blindly believing heuristic scans from various anti-STUFF software.

  23. @Dastangir.

    Thx for this mod.

    This mod has the same zoom map problem that RED by AlterEgos has: The zoom level changed the default and the zoom is much closed.

    please, fix it

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