Lautus Graphics HD4.1 fixed


YouTube preview

– Removed asphalt’s glow
– Sunrise starts at about 4:30 am
– Sunset starts at about 20:00
– More bright traffic’s headlights
– New normal fog 10-12pm
– More realistic sky – not so red when sunsets and a less saturated in the day
– The grass has more realictic color
– Support RusMap 1.2 and Восточный Экспресс 3.3

Test on version 1.9.24 – 1.10.7

Dastagir, Blackopen


26 thoughts on “Lautus Graphics HD4.1 fixed

  1. BelgianRescueGuy112

    cool truck + i’m gonnna download it !!!!

  2. One more think to fix in my opinion … When you are inside the cab ( camera 1 )it’s a color and an amount of darkness (any color, any level of darkness)… when you hit the camera 2 button and go outside its darker … Why and how can it be fix?

    Cam1 – white
    Cam2 – grey ====> That’s how I put it in a simple way .

    1. I noticed this problem only in Freightliner (on video). When I drive DAF and Volvo everything is normal)

  3. can u put to another host? mega alwasys stuck 99% ~_~

    1. MEGA has an official add-on for FF and Chrome in case the browsers themselves have issues, you can try that. Also, JDownloader 2… MEGA is far better than Yandex, that one has a limit.

      1. ok thanks, gonna try it

  4. does work with another graphic mmod or not?

    1. Do not combine two mods on graphics. The graphics will be from the ьщв, which is lower.

  5. Definitely looks better than the previous release, judging by pics.

  6. man can incorporate into the next version of the mod with low hdr?

  7. is it working with Tsm map?

    1. Yes, it works fine o TSM 4.7.2 (I tested only on this version) and on Mario 7.

  8. Does it work ?

  9. Female Trucker

    Why are there 2 files? which one do I put in my mods please? 1 of them is in Russian, so I have no idea what that one is.

    1. 2 is fix for mod.

  10. germanware

    put it on the mods folder and should work right? and do i have to put both files or just the bigger one?

  11. TheBaumLetsPlay´s

    Mega will stop the Download at 11-16% 🙁 Pleace help 🙂

  12. Can you make a version that includes Xenon..?

    All Xenon mods goes bye west with your awesome mod.

  13. it’s pretty good, but the asphalt texture on rain is not that good , something not quiet there yet !!

  14. alternative download link please,, 🙁
    Megacons not support indonesian 🙁


    1. sendspace and sharemods says that size is to big.. Does Indonesia support Yandesk.disk?

  15. Why my sky is black?

  16. Daniel Zhe

    It’s only with me that Volvo is “Valiant” with this mod? I can notice that inside game on the truck, not on the map.

    It doesn’t happen with version 3.0, only with 4.0 and 4.1

  17. make it compatible whit PROMODS. I love this graphic but its a invinsible wall in Jönköping

  18. Welington

    o truck volvo ficou com o nome valiante do lado de fora e algumas folhas do mapa ficou parecendo folha de papel desculpe eu nao sei falar inglês use goggle tradutor 🙂

  19. can run it version 1.16.2 sir?

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