Lautus HD 5.0


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What new:
1) Changing the size of the sun’s rays. Now the sun is not so prevents to drive and not so big. Changes also a sun in the afternoon.
2) Little change of lighting and Flare. Light oncoming traffic was repulsed in the cabin. Also, traffic is better seen at night. Well, looks beautiful ..)
3) More different fog in early the morning – from haze to such that dangerous to drive
4) Substandard tekstures of the sky replaced by higher quality
5) Normal zoom in the all maps
6) Bug fixes
Version: 1.9.22-1.11.x



71 thoughts on “Lautus HD 5.0

  1. Awesome mod!

  2. Great mod !!

  3. А че за карта на видео?

    1. TSM 5.0 и ВТГ. Последнюю можете скачать из описания в видео

  4. вован84

    братишка ты сперва разберись с VOLVO которая пишеться у тебя как VALLIANT GLOBETRAVELLER это не есть хорошо братишка исправишь это на вольво а не валлиант…и твой мод станет просто супер…и многие наверняка его скачают…а ты второй раз свой мод выставляешь сюда…и вольво в названии не меняеться…эх братишка братишка…давай давай исправляй…у тебя есть такая возможность…

  5. i got patch 1.11 with MHApro map,and other mods are only interior and Trailer+Ai traffic by Jazzycat and get
    Obsolete flare data definition! Absolute model path is expected.
    this errror since i activadet urmod??
    any hints or help!?!??!

    1. On the mod’s work it isn’t affected. Everything is ok)

      1. MirmoZibang

        Sorry but I have the same problem …

    2. Exactly same error for me, and black sky.

  6. Does This Still Need SweetFX? If It Does, What Settings For SweetFX Do You Use?

  7. Damage mod for this ???

  8. breizhdave

    hello works with sweetfx??

    1. Sure. SweetFX works with all modes.

  9. David Otto

    i don’t see why not it wouldn’t work with SweetFX it has been since this mod came out while back so i say yes to it and it probably the one that comes with the mod

  10. Quick comparison pic:

    Good job as always. Thanks.

    1. Thanks for the comparison and enjoyable comment))

  11. Great and super mod Dastagir!!! but i need damage mod for this..thnx

    1. Nimeni_Altu

      why you play then? you are a kamikaze and you dont want to get hurt???
      damage mod, HUH!!! what’s the point of that?
      – When you die, your gravestone is going to have a ‘Like’ button!

      1. Nimeni_Altu

        ##### is your father who sucked my #### last night!!!

        1. Nimeni_Altu, thats so gay

    2. James Bakker

      It’s simple; I guess you already have a ” no damage ” mod in your modfolder…
      If you take the Lautus mod file and delete the “Russian” R’s, and replaces them with zzzz’s, so the Lautus mod still becomes last.
      Then you take your “no damage” mod file and put as many zzzz’s + one extra Z, in front of the name discription, so the “no damage”-mod become last and the Lautus mod will become prior of that “no damege” file.

      Good luck

  12. ..please post unlocked mod/remove pass..thank you Dastagir…

    1. Nimeni_Altu

      use SCSUnpacker!

  13. Can It Be Used Without SweetFX?

  14. Guys look in ur Gamelog u have more then 10 Errors,about a time ur game will Crash!!!!!!

    And yes sweet fx can be used,its not a mod its a tool,useable for NBA2k Battlefield 3 GTA and more


  15. a couple more comparison sshots…

    great mod, good work!

  16. DarkDz Gaming

    plz upload this mod in another site i can’t download
    use mega or another site Supports the complete download

  17. very good

  18. MirmoZibang

    Pleaaaaaaaase remove that yellow truck lights modification ! I really don’t like it ! peace

    1. Nimeni_Altu

      you can delete some files from the mod!

  19. Nice mod !!I use it with SweetFX and is the best combination for graphic quality,everything is soo beautifull even with medium settings..!!!! 10+ Thanks again Dastagir for the nice mod !!

    1. Thanks, I use it with SweetFX too 🙂

  20. Where Can I Get SweetFX? What Are The Best SweetFX Settings To Use With This Mod?

    1. I use this It’s realistic

    1. Thanks mate 🙂

  21. Hedegaard

    One thing is annoying me..
    I love this mod, but its ruining my garage…
    I have own garage with logo and its ruining it..
    Can anyone tell me what is going wrong… its only doing it with this HD mod..
    You can look at the pic…

    I hope that you can help me as its an awsome mod.

    1. Put mod on garage below Lautus)

      1. Hedegaard

        Thanks a lot mate…
        It worked..

  22. Dean_1993

    I’m getting a really bad flare at night time, looks really blurry, does anyone know how to remove it?

  23. Dastagir, first congratulate you on your great work your graphics mods are best for ets2. I have a problem with your last mods, specifically from 3.0
    With the 3.0-sli I have very fluid.problem but with 4.0 and higher with active sli graphics cards do not rise and the voltage does not exceed 30 fps, may be happening ?? I need your help

    1. Hi Daniel . Thank you for your comment. Try running the game in directX mode.

  24. Zilinskas

    I don’t know exactly what is going on but there are some weird lines that appear in front of me when I use this mod. The moment I disable it the lines disappear…very odd.

    1. Try to delete poly_vegetation (model/vegetation/poly_vegetation)

      1. Zilinskas

        It worked, thanks!

  25. Yeah, i’m getting weird lines aswell and deleting poly_vegetation doesn’t fix it

    1. Maybe you have a mod conflict

  26. I found the bug for this mod, the Volvo bedge changed to “Valiant” on the 2009 FH

  27. How do you delete poly_vegetation it wont let me

    1. Nevermind it’s working 🙂

  28. Hello dastagir.he tried but always run directx ets2 in sli only works well in versions 2.5 and 3.0 on higher versions can not run sli fluid only 50% power cards
    Help me please dastagir
    Tanks a lot.


    1. Hmm.. since version 4, I used another technology of texturing sky. Maybe it’s because of that

  29. It’s funny but also improved weather r2 have the same problem but only with versions after 1.3.5 It has something to do with the textures of heaven are not supported by sli.
    Can you think of any way to fix this? You are the father of the child !! is a shame not to enjoy your great work You could do something about it? THANK Dastagir

  30. I am sorry for being a noob. I have the lines on the road as well. How do I delete poly_vegetation? Do I need some form of tool?

  31. FlatfaceEuro

    Lines on the road too, make me quit the game I GIVE UP, ATS ALREADY HATE EURO TRUCK

  32. 1337_Trucker

    Black lines on the road outside Venice. I read through all these comments and still don’t know how to fix it, it is driving me nuts cause this mod is the only reason why I want to play. Please do an easy explanation of how to fix it, or can you please update the mod Dastagir?

  33. 1337_Trucker

    I started a new profile, ran only Lautus graphics, spawned in Venice, still black lines on the ground. I use max graphics @400% scaling. I will reinstall the game right now.

    1. Zilinskas

      You have to open the mod file with a program like 7zip or winrar then just delete the poly_vegetation folder, it`s very simple.

      1. 1337_Trucker

        That doesn’t explain how to fix it…I don’t know how to open the file with 7zip or rezip it in to a .scs file. Easy explanation please.

  34. i’m gietting a lot of errors,

    Obsolete flare data definition! Absolute model path is expected.

    1. It doesn’t affect on gameplay)

  35. mikeedude

    deleting the file stopped the strange lines for me and also made the trees darker again which was a bonus.
    Nice mod thank you

  36. I got a slightly problem with it. Everytime i activate it, and start the game. My game crashes after the first loading screen. I did have a weather mod, but i deactivated it and tested if the game still worked without it before i enabled this mod. But i do got the Promods map, so can that be the problem?

    1. Yes, I think, problem is in the map… But I know people, how play with Lautus HD5.0 on ProMods. Try to put Promods below or above the Lautus. And look at the result. If it doesn’t help, show me the log of the game.

  37. 1337_Trucker

    Good luck finding help, Dastagir hasn’t been here for 12 days

  38. Hello Dastangir.

    I know this mod is to up v1.11..

    I’m using v1.12 and got many, many, messsages like this.

    ” Obsolete flare data definition! Absolute model path is expected.”

    could u update?


    My short setup:
    a) Win7 x64
    1) ETS 2 v1.12.1s
    2) DLC Going East!
    3) DLC Metallic Paint Jobs Pack
    4) DLC Flip Paint Jobs Pack

    1. Hello) Don’t worry. On gameplay it isn’t affected. Enjoy!))

  39. Hi Dastagir!thanks for this super mod! Can you please make this compatible with tsm 5.1 map.

    1. Hi!) I use Lautus HD5.0 with TSM 5.1.2 on 1.12 and all is ok.

  40. Welington

    Hi Dastagir!!! Mod perfect …is compatible with map RBR?

  41. Сереж, мод айс ваще, скинь свой свит пожалуйста, Димы Марфина не подходит к нему))

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