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One of the best graphics mods has been updated for 1.24 version + promods adaptation, was fixed skybox bug, rain bug and lighting effect was little changed.
Works well on 1.24 version, if you found some bugs, write in comments.
Please, guys, don’t reupload it.
Use only original link.
Enjoy your trip with Lautus graphics mod! 🙂

Authors: DastagiR, BlackOpen, DRON4ik194, mevkey, Fenix


14 Responses to Lautus v 5.2.1

  1. Goosy says:

    Hello can you please add more info about the mod ? I am using Fael Enviroment so I need to know if this mod replaces road/tree/grass textures. If so can i remove them ? I want to try this instead of IWR6. Also can you tell us how many sky boxes this mod have and how is solved the compatibility with different climate zones from Promods ?

    • JoachimK says:

      Open the Mod and read the Description.
      I have also Fael and this together. Only Fael changes
      the Textures. 🙂

  2. grandpa says:

    Standalone or with other graphics ?

  3. DriverOK says:

    FAKE!! this mod is the Piva Weather Mod 2.2 but with other name. The textures of the sky and landscape are the same as those of Piva´s mod

    • axel says:

      Piva take almost everything from IWR, Only in later versions he started to put new textures from all over the net into “his” mod. But he still dont know how to edit climate files (nice.sii and bad.sii). And thats why all his mods didnt finished. I mean, he have nice sky textures but badly looking because of weather files (contrast, exposure, gamma etc – all f*cked for every hour in game).

    • EvgenKo423 says:

      Lautus is an old mod, it was here before Piva. And Piva is known for using others’ people stuff with some little changes…

  4. Luis says:

    28 degrees in Iceland?

  5. JoachimK says:

    I found out a Bug with “Lux Parts 0.95” for Scania RJL.

    A Lot of Chrome parts are now black.

    I use ProMods 2.03 and the newest Scania RS 1.52.x from RJL.

    Otherwise it´s a very good Mod. 🙂 🙂

  6. G.F.Later says:

    Nights are to short

    • Adrian says:

      Yeah, I noticed the sky starts getting light at 2am and the sun comes up at 3 in southern Europe!

  7. Welington says:

    Funciona na versão 1.22 ?

  8. KubaPOLSKA says:

    Hey guys Work 1.25 ? Thanks 😉

  9. vipal says:

    does not work with 1.25.x

    please update for 1.25.x version

  10. Rozin says:

    please update for 1.25+:)

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