Led Name Plates

Tested on: 1.33
Pack of LED Plates for your truck.Big, normal, square with plexi option.For change text on your plate you must edit a dds texture.
Support for original trucks plus:
-Scania’s RJL RS, R4, T, T4
-Renault Magnum Integral
-Man TGA by Madster
-Star 200 by Ekualizer

ModersTeamPoland, Cinko123


3 thoughts on “Led Name Plates

  1. Fabio Vecchio

    hello, please can you make it compatible with Eugene volvo fh16?
    thank you.

  2. Eu Driver

    FAKE-REUPLOAD!!! Normal “tablitzki extra” work with Eugene FH16, this ***** NO. Please, dont down this ###### **** and see to SCS forum. See: https://flic.kr/p/ZkmNn5

  3. Works on 1.36

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