Special Stock Sound v 1.0 edited 1.33

I think we have alreay a lot of open pipes sounds, it’s good too to have quieter sounds sometimes.
▶ All in-game trucks (SCS) models available in the Sound mod
▶ Your sound depends on the engine
▶ Your tuning (bumper, pipes, tanks)
▶ Install modifications only in a single game.
– Now compatible with ETS 1.33 update



5 thoughts on “Special Stock Sound v 1.0 edited 1.33

  1. Video plis???

  2. Stolen Mod, stolen Picture from “gelbero” aka “angelika”, aka “angie”.
    Do not support Thieves !!!

    1. president10

      Are you the manager? Please block these thieves.

  3. Admins do better

    Admins should know better that this is a stolen mod and picture even! They run the site but apparently it falls onto us to identify a stolen mod and picture! Especially with this description format having in-common with other stolen mods from pretty much the same person.

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