Special Stock Sound v 1.0 edited 1.33

I think we have alreay a lot of open pipes sounds, it’s good too to have quieter sounds sometimes.
▶ All in-game trucks (SCS) models available in the Sound mod
▶ Your sound depends on the engine
▶ Your tuning (bumper, pipes, tanks)
▶ Install modifications only in a single game.
– Now compatible with ETS 1.33 update



5 Responses to Special Stock Sound v 1.0 edited 1.33

  1. Dust says:

    Video plis???

  2. JoachimK says:

    Stolen Mod, stolen Picture from “gelbero” aka “angelika”, aka “angie”.
    Do not support Thieves !!!

  3. Admins do better says:

    Admins should know better that this is a stolen mod and picture even! They run the site but apparently it falls onto us to identify a stolen mod and picture! Especially with this description format having in-common with other stolen mods from pretty much the same person.

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