LED Plate & Grill & Curtain & Logo (Mighty_Griffin) For scania R 2016

This is mod tuning from scania streamline for scania R 2016
Useful and beautiful mod
everything in picture
have a good travel…

M.HaDi & SCS


3 thoughts on “LED Plate & Grill & Curtain & Logo (Mighty_Griffin) For scania R 2016

  1. ### is this again ???
    This Parts still in the DLC from SCS, so what for you publish them ?

  2. Yes, they are the original SCS.
    But used only for SCANIA R & STREAMLINE.
    The Next Generations are not compatible.
    Moder apparently modified the definition for using DLC to the new R & S 2016.

  3. Mak-Kyver

    allready published to next generation..

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