License plates fix for ProMods v 1.0 by hyst329


Makes license plates of many counties more realistic (new or changed allowed letter and number combinations, new age identifiers for UK etc.). For the full changes list, please see changes.txt in the archive.
This has been tested on ETS2 v1.19 and ProMods v1.96.
When enabling the mod in Mod Manager please use the highest priority (or at least higher than original ProMods files).

P.S. Sorry for poor screenshots quality. If the link displays page in Russian (this is Yandex.Disk, a Russian file hosting), just click on “Скачать” (it means “Download”).

Original files: ProMods team, Fix: hyst329


3 thoughts on “License plates fix for ProMods v 1.0 by hyst329

  1. ok, good mod,
    i also made a german license plate update with any license plate codes of the german promods cities and their surrounding license plate in the german.sii and all city.sii with the ai cars carrying the license plate of the single cities and their surrounding license plates codes. But unfortunately I cannot get it ingame. If you want you can use my sii files to update your german files. if you want to have it, leave a message.

    1. Thank you. If you can, please email me: [email protected]
      You will be included to the list of authors.

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