Lidl mod


Lidl company mod replace all Karfor and Sellplan.



16 thoughts on “Lidl mod

  1. Video??

  2. Credits to 50k. This is bullshit.

  3. First: Made by 50Keda!
    Second: For which version? And works with what maps?!

    1. mark225scania

      working with 1.8 with Scandinavia promod 1.01 😀

  4. simon melkert

    welke versie?? de voorige lidl mod deed het niet, hoop dat deze mod wel werkt.

  5. Made by 50keda. Stolen mod.

  6. Joseph Alker

    50keda’s mod, he is one of the best modders around the least you could do is respect his work.

  7. Or maybe even chips to this, Credits: sonnybabe hahahah.
    All credits to 50Keda!!!!!

  8. THANK!!!!

  9. Smith_Engineering

    When you back into the bay no trailer detach comes up…

  10. Puckot0211

    if it was i stolen mod then why would he written 50k in credits? Sonny made an update on it so it works in the newest patch thats why his in the credits! -.-

    1. 50keda wasn’t in the credits when he uploaded it. I guess a mod added it a few minutes ago

  11. D Woodend Haulage

    Finally updated to 1.8? Been waiting for this since the old one broke!

  12. ive got promods and having issues with this but worked it out its the map model whitch isnt allowing it to work correctly if someone updated the map itself (re added it in correclty) then we would have no issues

  13. There is an issue due to the map not being re-saved after the modder put it in to the files. So the prefab is there but the parking place is in the old position

  14. Is it possible to make it for the 1.13 patch?

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