Light Fix Skylight for MAN v 1.0

Mod adds a Lightfix Skylight (model 21701-1) bar from MAN Trucks with 4 lamp slots, features chrome and painted look.
Bar has a stock mounted LED lights by abasstreppas.

Fits XLX and XXL cabins only.
Fitted to stock MAN style sunshields only. Based on the original mounting system for this model.

Supported trucks: SCS MAN TGX; MAN TGA, TGX E5 and TGX E6 by Madster

obelihnio: definitions, 3d model, icons
abasstreppas: LED lights + flare, decals

Keep the original download link when sharing the mod to other sites.

Mod is open to modify for personal use. SHARING THE EDITED MOD WITHOUT PERMISSION BY THE AUTHORS (obelihnio, abasstreppas) IS STRICLY FORBIDDEN!

v1.0: initial release

obelihnio, abasstreppas


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2 thoughts on “Light Fix Skylight for MAN v 1.0

  1. wow, somebody actually made a real MAN part, impressive

  2. Create for MP4 please!

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