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Light Pack and object


– hella jumbo 200 covered and not

– kelsa covered and nont

– hella rallye 3000 covered and not

inside the game trovere two versions of the headlights, the first
is for the roof and the mask, the second is just to put the lights
under the license plate
type hcn

you will also have a grill for bumper with dummy for making such
headlights. and included in the package there are also mudflap

credit: Balbo (me)


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27 Responses to Light Pack and object

  1. Ali Reza says:

    hi .very nice .thank you*

  2. blackheaven14 says:

    plz don’t use speedyshare use other downloader sites 🙂

  3. 87granny says:

    Nice mod is this for all trucks or just keda’s Scania

  4. KOSTAS says:

    I cannot find the accessories but only the red dots where i can put accessories…

  5. bon jovi says:

    Is it only for scania or for all trucks?

  6. Baba says:

    just keda’s Scania 2008

    1st – zZz_50k_SCANIA_R_2008_v2.scs

    2nd – zzZzz_50k_addons.scs

    3rd – zzzZzzz_Light Pack and object

  7. SCANIA POWER says:

    Thanks William

  8. Finntrucker says:

    I got it without any purchaces, I just put my curso on top of the file name an press right mouse button and choice “save target to disk”

  9. Altan says:

    please mediafire link ??

  10. Jimmy Hernandéz says:

    i reuploaded this file on SENDSPACE

    Here is LINK: http://www.sendspace.com/file/xcq9q0



  11. jeffreysouilljee says:

    please use a different link, i cant dl it

  12. oliwer says:

    another link plz

  13. blackheaven14 says:

    the link works prefect 😀 thnx 🙂

  14. Tommy says:

    it works on 1.3.0???

  15. Edward says:

    Calm down Woman and get back in the kitchen where you belong!!

  16. Monster_33rus says:

    this mod only for Scania? And then I do not work ((

  17. Monster_33rus says:

    Doll and Michelin also goes in this fashion?

  18. Take a chill pill! says:

    You do not have to pay anything, just click the name of the file, then the download will begin. That worked for me. 🙂

  19. Jerry Bender says:

    Hey leah, they use the cheap sites because they need money and they get payed for putting it on sites basically makes it impossible for us to get what we want. :/

  20. KASE94 says:

    I freaking love it, perfect for holland style… BUT PLEASE make it for Volvo and DAF also!!

  21. biochazard says:

    do you maby have the downlaod link for those strait pipes?

  22. arlo wijckaert says:

    read all over

  23. Corentin says:

    Where find the skin please ?

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